As you take your final breath, the darkness descends upon you. But just when you think it’s all over, a deity appears before you. It’s none other than Aphrodite, offering you a chance to live again in a brand new world called Hybridia. Who could resist such an alluring offer?

But as you awaken in your new body, you quickly realize that Aphrodite has not been entirely forthcoming with you. As her newly appointed Champion, you now possess an unusual power – the power of Lust. But that’s not all. You soon discover that you are not alone in this world, as other Champions from different deities are coming to challenge you. The reason why is unknown, and why you were chosen remains a mystery. And who the heck is Steve? The enigma only deepens.

The path ahead of you is full of obstacles and challenges, as you navigate the intricate world of Hybridia. Will you succumb to the temptation of your newfound power, or will you rise up and become the ultimate Champion? The choice is yours, but choose wisely. Your destiny awaits in Hybridia.

Developer: Black Hood Games – PatreonItchDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: handjob, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, pov, big tits, big ass, mobile game, pov, sci-fi , fantasy, futuristic, adventure, pov, 3dcg, male protagonist, graphic violence, superpowers, animated, romance, humor, parody, rape

Extract and run.


– 11 new animations
– 210 new renders
– 1500 lines of code
– 2 new character
– 12 new sounds
– 3 new music themes
– reworked some of the animations from Tifa’s intercourse to remove some annoying flicker effect
– New background functionality has been added to the text to enhance readability. You can easily activate or deactivate in the Preferences menu.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 47 votes.
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even though it’s a very early version it’s fun but seriously for a demo it’s to short in my opinion. overall good artwork and the animation is good but it lacks frequent updates like some I’ve played


you could’ve had so many other ideas but went with “The Power of Lust”?? Rally??? one of the most hated traits of a protagonist is being too horny. as a personal opinion, I would rather play a game with a protagonist who has the power of destruction than Lust. Make it interesting. Not just a horny guy who always wants o fuck

Anonymous Fapper

1) GAY

Anonymous Fapper

You want porn in a game… go to porn site
You want “destruction”… shooter… go to not sexual porn site.

Counter Strike. Fortnite. Maybe another new games. Nowdays have 30 new shooter games per month.

Anonymous Fapper

Hi all!

Anonymous Fapper

This dude gon’ get sued by Square Enix. Tifa Lockhart? REALLY?

Anonymous Fapper

who cares

Anonymous Fapper

I guess he and i cares. I’m not a fan of seeing faces from games/movies in porns

Anonymous Fapper

Is this your first day on the internet, son? Because I gotta tell ya, there’s shitloads of Tifa porn out there. There’s so much of it, she’s showing up at Italian senate meetings. Apart from Nintendo and maybe Disney, no one really cares enough about porn to sue amateur developers.

Anonymous Fapper

not much to comment for now. This demo is really short, but it could be promising.
Who knows. Guess i’ll wait a bit.

Ass inspector

promising? gross fake old looking bitches are waht you like?

Anonymous Fapper

I like ’em old, saggy and pruned.

Anonymous Fapper