Indecent Wife Hana

A visual novel based on the concept of Netorase (Wife Sharing). Hana is a loving and understanding wife that realizes her husband fetish, and while her husband’s young step-nephew is staying at their home during college, she takes matters into her own hands. Her husband, our protagonist, anxious at first, realizes the pleasure of sharing his wife.​

Developer: Fallen Eros – | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: NTR, milf, big breast

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Rating: 2.5/5. From 212 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Does this a-hole dev somehow thinks he will earn more money if he indulges in this shitty “extra code” tactic? I’d understand the play here if the free content was impressive enough but it seems like the opposite is true after reading the comments. Fk this, I’m out. Never gonna touch this game, not even the free content.

Anonymous Fapper

What is this garbage? There isn’t even a game here.


wtf did i play

Anonymous Fapper


Tim Ages

V0.12.5 free version still has the “thought” images fuzzed out – Why? If it’s free make it all free.
Also saves cause it to instantly crash – must be started from the very beginning.
Finally, after MC gets to new city, crashes every time on the first night.
If you release an update – test it first or are your patreon’s your beta-testers and they pay for that service? LOL

Anonymous Fapper

The developer’s comment on the blurred images (taken from a different website):
Why the blurred images and how can I access them?
These images represent the protagonist imagination, as part of the fetish is ‘not knowing’. They will be unlocked after playing Hana POV, however, that part is not made yet.  

Anonymous Fapper

Really? An updated version and still crashes when loading saved game.