It's All Relative

You **select your name** are back in Arizona after finishing up a 20 year hitch in the military. Back to do your best with a trio of teenage trouble makers who are your daughters. Your beloved wife, Samantha, had passed away just over two years ago, after a long courageous battle with cancer. Because of that, you had chosen to finish your military career to qualify for full retirement benefits and take care of you mini-ladies.

Developer: Assassinsdick – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: incest, loli, harem, teen, VN, anal, vaginal, oral, exhibitionism, voyeurism, corruption


347 new images.
14 new animations.
+4000 new lines of code.
New “Love Interest menu”, from where you will be able to see the data of each character, lewd images not contained in the story and replays of the scenes that you have unlocked!
Complete day 4!

Rating: 4.1/5. From 151 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Mostly eye candy, MC gets some BJ, HJ action, and he gets some of the girls off. MC only fucks a couple of times in the game so far. Ok game so far

Anonymous Fapper

The developer is trying too hard to give the player a ton of girls (they all want to have sex with him, seems like a lot of the girls are his daughters or nieces. But the problem is a lot of looking, but hardly any sex.

Anonymous Fapper

my fap freinds please help me find some games with a lot of seggs (with atleast good graphics) pls


Seggs? Are you stupid too?

Anonymous Fapper

yup no need to insult people like that, immature Bren


Any idiot posting anything about “seggs” or some other incel basement nerd cumsock shit deserves to get bitch slapped.

Anonymous Fapper

You just keep popping up and Trying Too Hard in these comments. It’s hilarious, but in a sad way. Have you considered therapy for whatever it is you’re trying to conceal by lashing out? Because all you’re doing is demonstrating that something’s wrong in your life and you can’t take it.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m not much for anime styled adult games, but I do like some good loving family games, so I’ll probably give it a chance.

Anonymous Fapper

This story has a great potential, the girls art is great, gonna wait a few months to get back here