Juicy Futa

Welcome to Juicy Island !

Juicy Futa is an open-world visual novel/dating-sim, set in a jazzy, black and white atmosphere. You are Eliot, a horny Futa time traveler who gets lost on a very special island. You are stuck in the past and need to find a way back to your time.
Immerse yourself in the life of the islanders, get to know them, gain their trust, become their friends and maybe more…
You will have to help people and please them if you want to go home !

Developer: JuicyEliot – PatreonTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Visual novel, Dating sim, Futa MC, anal, milf, femboy, feet play
Avatar Maker: Avatar Maker – Juicy Futa

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Rating: 2.5/5. From 60 votes.
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sad user

arrived at day 31 on the demo version on a site, i think i had nothing more to do so i closed it and now i lost all
It’s an amazing game, incredibly fascinating story and interesting well-described characters. I hope to play it once finished

Anonymous Fapper

no, leave

Anonymous Fapper

You should kill your self

Anonymous Fapper

Tried the demo version from itch io. Right now it is a really short game, but the art style is promissing. Tbh is better than uncanny-valley orthopedic 3D models, and feels fresher.

Hope to see more updates regularly

Anonymous Fapper

Which century you are living in

Anonymous Fapper

it’s the 21st century (not including any time travellers who are just visiting and not living here)

Juicy Eliot

Hey 🙂 I’m the game creator. Actually it takes place at the end of the XXth century. Around 1992. Hope you liked it 🙂