Katia and Dungeon Quest

Welcome to the world of sword and magic, where elves and orcs live
side by side with people and dwarves, where gods bless their followers,
and Great Heroes selflessly fight hordes of monsters and Demon Lords!
this is a slightly different story.
I want to tell you about the girl farmer Katia. She, by the will of fate and
her character, was thrown into a whirlpool of incredible events!
Chases and battles, friendship or not friendship, pain and love, all this
will have to be experienced by our young girl farmer, or will not have to
be experienced to save those, who are dear to her heart!
Well, get down to bedrock into the mind-blowing adventures of Katya!
Let’s go!!!
Download it!!!

Developer: Tentacles san and art/VVTS – Patreon | Itch
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: RPG, 2DCG, 2D game, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation, turn based combat, Tentacles, Seduction, Animation, Sexual Harassment, BDSM, Monsters , Monster girl, Rape, Humiliation, Interracial, Groping, Stripping, Male domination, Lesbian, Spanking, Voyeurism, bondage, Mind control

1- To extract files from an archive
2- Play


● New logic for moving through dungeons

● New map

● New large-scale visual event system

● Visual interface of enemies

● Redesigned Posey quest

● New music

● Editing the text of a sexual event with a zombie

● Several important bug fixes.

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Anonymous Fapper

> Vile disgusting porno made by Ukrainians telling me to support Ukraine

This is so foul that instead of raising support for Ukraine, it probably made some pro-Ukraine people switch sides and support Russia instead.

Anonymous Fapper

Got to be the UGLIEST face I’ve ever seen in a porn game, she looks like reverse Jimmy Neutron

She looks like her mother drank only natty lites while she was in the womb

She looks like a walrus fucked Brienne of Tarth

Anonymous Fapper

Start of the game: Political propaganda about the war in Ukraine.

GTFO with your victimizing crap and resentful pig opinions.

Anonymous Fapper

Excuse me, but are you crazy?
Ukrainians are being killed in their country,
their cities are being wiped off the face of the earth, 
shooting at their power plants and heating plants,
leaving tens of millions of people without light and heat for the winter…  
I honestly don’t understand what kind of person you have to be
to call people who have done you no harm pigs.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m crazy? Who is the one who puts his fucking opinion about the war in his porn game? What the author of the game wrote about the conflict is nonsense. Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe and one of the most corrupt in the world (and since 2014 it is one of the most undemocratic countries), also one of the most racist and intolerant in Eastern Europe. So, for a Ukrainian to come and tell us that they are a beacon of virtue and an example of freedom and democracy is an insult to me.

Anonymous Fapper

I am well aware of the motives and those involved in this conflict.
The Ukrainians asked for this war, they believed that NATO would intervene directly in the conflict if Russia responded to the provocations. The hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainians are the fault of the same Ukrainian government that refuses to negotiate a peace agreement. When the Russians start dropping thermobaric bombs, then you can say that they are wiping them off the face of the Earth. The energy infrastructure has al

Anonymous Fapper

The rapist is in court:
– It wasn’t my fault!
It was her own fault!
She wore a short skirt and provoked me!
I just took out my dick and tried to knock her teeth out so she wouldn’t scream!

Anonymous Fapper

Not same situations, pal)
And ukrainian do some nasty shit with people, russia just came, because we ask about it, like…8 years?)


negotiation… like that 50% Your country is Russian now… dude You have no idea what You are talking about.

Anonymous Fapper

I honestly do not understand how people can defend and support the Ukrainians. For 8 years they have been committing atrocities against prisoners of war and against the civilian population of Donbass. The Ukrainians executed hundreds of Russian prisoners since the war began and no one cares, but if a few dead civilians turn up they are already accusing Russia of committing genocide without any evidence.
Ukrainians are hypocritical and nefarious pigs, whether you like it or not.

Anonymous Fapper

War crimes in Donbass were recorded by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, and the vast majority of the crimes were committed by Russian terrorist forces.
(This is the position of the international organization, not Ukraine)

Several civilians were killed:
As of July 19, 2022.
The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission confirmed the deaths of 5,100 Ukrainian civilians, 346 of whom were children. The real number of civilian casualties is probably much higher, the UN representative noted.

Anonymous Fapper

Tv-head vatniks texting their scripted crap even in eng porn-site. That’s even more funny than this game))

Anonymous Fapper

Yea, and my family not see from what side fly rockets)
p.s. not from russian side. It’s Ukrainian rockets, duuuude)

Anonymous Fapper

One place you can be sure all the Putin simps will show up is in the comments on porn game sites.

Anonymous Fapper

trash ass game i got attacked once and game over wtf

Anonymous Fapper

I got to move 157 and didn’t see the second and third picture at all in the game also there needs to be a guide

Anonymous Fapper

You must be playing an
an older version of the game,
In versions 0.2 and 0.3 the project was moved for
for “technical” reasons into RPG Maker. 
As you can see in the first screenshot.
The new scenes you mentioned appeared in version 0.3.