Katia and Dungeon Quest

Welcome to the game Katia and Dungeon Quest – a world of sword and magic, where elves and orcs live side by side with people and dwarves, where gods bless their followers, and Great Heroes selflessly fight hordes of monsters and Demon Lords!

But… this is a slightly different story.
I want to tell you about the girl farmer Katia. She, by the will of fate and her character, was thrown into a whirlpool of incredible events! Chases and battles, friendship or not friendship, pain and love, all this will have to be experienced by our young girl farmer, or will not have to be experienced to save those, who are dear to her heart!

Well, get down to bedrock into the mind-blowing adventures of Katya!
Let’s go!!!
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Katia, a young farmer, leads a quiet and peaceful life in the remotest corner of the Kingdom of Phoenix.

On weekdays, she diligently works on her beloved aunt’s farm, while on weekends she brews cider and strong beer.

One day, the high priestess of the goddess-shepherdess arrives in the small border town and heads straight to Katia.

What could bind such different girls? The answer is simple: care for the younger half-sister.

Despite Katia being a bastard, renounced by almost her entire family, and Leah being an influential priestess with the title of countess, the sisters manage to maintain a close relationship.

However, as soon as they reunite, an event occurs that turns the peasant girl’s life upside down.

A huge monster invaded the city, and only thanks to the powers of the High Priestess, the monster was defeated.

Unfortunately, victory comes at a terrible price.

The wounded monster kidnaps the battle-weary priestess and retreats into the depths of the dungeon.

What will an ordinary girl, who has devoted her life to growing zucchinis and tomatoes rather than training with swords and magic, do in this terrible situation?

Without wasting any time, Katia sets off in pursuit.

All she has is a strong and resilient body, hardened by hard work, heavy fists trained in street fights, and an oath to save her sister.

An oath sworn not in the blood of the Hawk family, but in the blood of her long-dead mother, a troll warrior.

Developer: VVTS – Patreon | Itch |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: RPG, 2DCG, 2D game, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation, turn based combat, Tentacles, Seduction, Animation, Sexual Harassment, BDSM, Monsters , Monster girl, Rape, Humiliation, Interracial, Groping, Stripping, Male domination, Lesbian, Spanking, Voyeurism, bondage, Mind control, Futanari

1- To extract files from an archive
2- Play


● New quest : Sweet roll

● New sex scene : Rin

● Recycled : Rin’s house

● Recycled : Kay’s house

● Reworked : Moira Twix – 8 new emotions.

● New dialog (lots of it)

● New music

● New sex animation

● New sex scene 1: Masturbation before bedtime

● New mechanics: Sexual fantasies

● Added: Stage 2-3 voyeurism.

● Added: Ability to resist stage 3 with a mind crystal in the spirit abode.

At the expense of a mind unit.

● Katia will no longer run around the dungeon naked, but will now try to dress herself.

● Changed the logic of entering a visual battle with the ghoul girl in the basement:

It is now sufficient to activate either power or perception.

● New sex scene 2: Masturbation while peeping.

● Some differences between 2-3 scenes depending on the degree of depravity of the voyeurism.

● New visual evasion when applying Perception in visual combat.

● New: use of Charisma in visual combat.

● Ability to regenerate stamina using Charisma in visual combat.

● New visual use of Charisma in stage 1-2.

Enemies can regenerate stamina in visual combat

● If Kati’s Charisma is above five, enemies in visual combat begin to experience increased arousal.

1 point of Charisma = 1 point of arousal.

● Each time she sleeps, her arousal increases by one point.

● Katia’s arousal now increases in many sex scenes.

● Many edits.

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