Lara Croft and the Lost City

In Lara Croft And The Lost City the famous archaeologist Lara Croft searches for the Lost City. At the Gates she is met by the Guardian, who demands intimate services for entrance. And although proud Lara at first refuses, her path to debauchery is unstoppable…

My game is a comic book at its core where you have to make choices from time to time. I don’t like grinding or looting and I don’t like RPG maker with fights in porn games. Therefore there’s no running around for like half an hour to open two new pictures. You can finish the game rather quickly and what’s most important, with just one hand 🙂 Have a good time playing the game!

Developer: Old DVD – Boosty | Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 3dcg, Big tits, Corruption, Female protagonist, Oral sex, Parody, Stripping, Handjob, Vaginal sex, lesbian, anal sex, interracial

Extract and run.


2609 words
53 renders

Rating: 3.3/5. From 95 votes.
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Another game for the people that love to suck dicks

Anonymous Fapper

Angie is born to do porn.

straight pride

Not anymore. She looks like shit and has no tits.

Anonymous Fapper

Can anyone please tell me the name of the game, which started with main character who was placed to live in the same room with a girl with black hair, then it was possible to develop relatationships with many girls.

Anonymous Fapper

Pass for me, always found Angelina an awfully Fugly bitch..puke..

Anonymous Fapper

My problem is not Angelina. Its the ugly boys. Not interesed in dicks.
And no lesbian path here.

Anonymous Fapper

milf Angelina… yuck. dev is retarded.


She chopped off her tits and then dumped Brad Pitt because she felt she could do better. Then people wonder why guys are fapping to games. Instead of pursuing “real” women.

Anonymous Fapper

seriously, i think she may still look better in real life that in this comic

Anonymous Fapper

u do realise that brad pit cheated on her it was everywhere

random nobody

Media is always on the woman’s side. Besides she chopped off her tits for no reason. That had to be freaky looking plus she’s bonkers.

Anonymous Fapper

yeah for no reasons, like breast cancer, because her mom died of breast cancer…

Anonymous Fapper

What an idiot. You wanted her to killed by breast cancer? Her family had awful genes that ensured she was gonna get it. Thats why she had to save her life

Anonymous Fapper

Do you want fuck Brad Pit?? Then nobody care if he cheated Angelina, or get aids. Or if she get gangbanged.

Anonymous Fapper

Seems fair, since he started the relationship by cheating WITH her. People are weird, always thinking they’re a special case and then getting upset when they find out they aren’t. As a rule, anyone who is always in the tabloids is richer than they are decent.