Lewd Lore: Isekai Fantasy

Get ready to dive into the seductive and fun world of “Lewd Lore: Isekai Fantasy,” a Hentai Visual Novel where a young guy gets reincarnated into another world with some lewd powers. Join him on an erotic adventure filled with an engaging story, beautiful artwork, and unforgettable characters.

Currently, there are two main girls with several scenes and actions you can explore, as well as three side characters to interact with.

Great Story: A gripping and emotional tale that will keep you hooked.
Stunning Art: High-quality, detailed illustrations that bring the sensual atmosphere to life.
Interesting Characters: Meet unique and complex characters, each with their own stories.
Unique Conversation System: Experience the characters through our innovative conversation system, featuring many different emotions per character.
Adult Content: Enjoy explicit scenes that are tastefully designed.
Fighting System: You can now battle hot monster girls!

This game contains explicit content and is for players 18 years and older. Please play responsibly.

Early Version:
Please note that “Lewd Lore: Isekai Fantasy” is currently in its early version, v0.3a. We appreciate your feedback to help us improve the game.

As the game is under heavy development, content may change in future updates, which could lead to save game issues or other problems. We are continuously working on new features and improvements, with new versions being released frequently. We appreciate your understanding and feedback as we strive to make the game better.

Developer: HiZe Interactive – ItchPatreonTwitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Hentai, Fantasy, Isekai, Anime, erotic, rpg, visual novel, Animated, Ahegao, Creampie, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Succubus, Cumshot, Handjob, Masturbation, Bit Tits, Small Tits

Extract and run.


Bug Fixes:
fixed Fight the demon quest -> it crashed the game
fixed Embers hint for the first scene – text was wrong, it actually is the scene of her bathing in the forest.
this scene should now be unlocked if you have an old save!
the first aveline scene should be unlocked if you have an old save!
fixed a bug that crashed the game at the shop in some very weird circumstances
Animation Flickering Issue: We’ve fixed a bug that caused animations to flicker on older devices. Animations should now run smoother on all supported devices.
this was mostly happening in the side girl screen, mansion lobby and shop.
Minor Bug Fixes: Addressed various smaller bugs to enhance overall stability and performance.

New Features:
added a slider for adjusting the opacity of the textbox and namebox.
added buttons in the about screen for Patreon, Twitter, Itch, and Discord.
added outlines for the quick menu.
the newest save-file is now marked in the menu.
you can now access quick and autosaves fast in the normal loading screen (A and Q button)
Ren’Py Update: Updated Ren’Py to version 8.2.3.

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