Lewd Town Adventures

Welcome to Lewd Town.

In this place, things are quite a bit different than you might expect.
Romance takes a backseat to the story of our protagonist (YOU), an imperfect young
man who grew up as the target of bullying, a real nobody with a literal bag over his head.

After a series of tragic circumstances, his life will change completely and he will rise from having been
the biggest outcast of all time to become either the biggest pimp the world has ever seen… or to rise above his
primal urges and stand up against an organization that has become the world’s worst bully and take it down.

Will you choose to be a sadistic enslaver or a noble saviour of the world? Or will you blow it all up and lose everything?

The choice is yours…

Developer: Jamleng – Subscribestar | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Animated, Corruption, School Setting, Pov, Big Tits, Small Tits, Masturbation, Voryeurism, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Blowjob, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Teasing, Milf, Female Domination, Bdsm, Big Ass, Sandbox, Religion, Nun, Prostitution, Drugs, Handjob, Titfuck, Slave, Creampie, Spanking, Virgin, Interracial, Comedy, Incest, Lesbian, Mobile Game

1. Extract and run.

Cheat Codes:
Greedisgood = 10k cash.
Whosyourdaddy-on = incest mode on.
Whosyourdaddy-off = incest mode off.

You can use them on the pc in mc’s bedroom.


Patch notes:
– 4100+ images/animations
– 2650+ new images
– 250+ new animations
– 1200+ images/animations remade
– 40+ new events added
– 70k+ words added (Equal to a full book)
– New side characters
– More sound effects, new songs
– Typo fixes thanks to Jaredh72
*The total size of this update alone was: 6GB. It’s been compressed for everyone’s convenience.

QOL changes:
– Improved the journal by making the hint system way more clear.
– You can now navigate through the journal using your keyboard.
– The gallery is now accessible from the computer.
– Made certain events easier to trigger.
– Fixed certain out-of-order events.
– Money/Day are now shown on the map as well.
– An “End Replay” button has been added when playing scenes from the gallery.
– You can now rename the save/load file pages to organize your saves.
+ some other small stuff.

Bug fixes/minor changes:
*Lots of them.

– Removed lots of old unused code which doesn’t really matter but it got rid of some false errors. (30+ or so)
– Fixed quite a lot of missing brackets in the code which doesn’t really matter either but it got rid of some false errors. (Another 30 or so)
– Fixed a bunch of errors that could potentially cause issues. (10+)
– It’s now easier to trigger Emily’s scene during the early game so the store/bar open up more easily.
– Rose’s scenes now trigger automatically, you no longer have to talk to her for certain events to happen.
– Fixed a bug in the journal (players could access the cheat code journal by clicking on Felicia and going left/right.)
– Phone no longer keeps ringing after talking to Stella.
– A buggy animation was fixed when Nina was sitting at the dock.
– A few late-game events could be triggered earlier than meant to if one just kept sleeping.
– It’s no longer possible to trigger Emily’s/Sophia’s event late game without completing the earlier events first.
– Good path Sophia in the warehouse had the music stopped earlier to make it fit better.
– After the aunt comes back, her house will no longer state that she’s out of town.
– There no longer is an event loop at Nina’s house after a certain point in the game.
– Removed a few minor choices that were kinda useless.
– Some minor inconsistencies between scenes are fixed.
– Zoey won’t be at the lockers if you haven’t met her.
– Sophia won’t be in her room if you haven’t seen her at school.
– Fixed the music part of the gallery as it had two wrong songs added to a button.
– Fixed “Ruby’s Detention” with “Whatever happened to Patreon” on MC’s PC.
– The days are now in sync with the “day x” counter.
– Saying NO to certain choices won’t let you replay the whole event any longer.
– In the late game it wasn’t possible to talk to Luna but you can do so now.
– One image was incorrect in Tanya’s dark path scene and has been fixed.
– Choosing to skip viewing a certain Nina event has a few lines of dialogue removed so it makes more sense.
– Visiting the cathedral after completing all of the nun events will now correctly teleport you back to the map.
– Hilda’s dark path scene in the game can no longer be triggered on the good path.
– A prompt has been added whether you would like to see the scene, yes or no.
– Fixed a bug where it was possible to go back to the prologue after day 68 or something.
– Lots of more small things but they’re not that interesting.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 335 votes.
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Some guy Z

So….this game still force your choices? Or do you have choices that do matter?
Is honestly a legitimate question, played this a while ago, and the MC is kinda of a beta person that just do what its told and seems to not understand the consequences of his actions.

I know its kinda part of the story that he is how he is, but i legit got annoyed as i continued because there guy is just sooo happy corrupting them for the association because “what i can do about it? i should just follow orders”

The worse part, is that the guy is supposed to be a kind good natured person and he just F***ing roll with it, there is (or hopefully was) no change to his character.

If you guys like this, good for you, but i got really frustated when i played this.


It’s difficult to explain things here due to the limitations on messages so I’ll keep it short.

Not sure how long ago you’ve played the game but a lot of stuff has changed since this game came out.
Every update has massively increased the quality of this game. Some choices were removed while we also added good/dark paths which play out VERY differently as no other game has ever done before.

As the story continues the MC slowly changes over time and get’s more badass the further you get.


Despite it being cartoony it goes very far in adult subjects that are not always nice to see.
One can choose to have lighter subjects, harem stuff going on while it can also get very dark if one chooses to do so.

Imo just play it again. There’s easily over 10 hours of gameplay. 1200+ of dialogue. 1200+ animations, 10k+ images and some very interesting and unique stories.
We listen to feedback, we’re working very hard on this game and despite it being controversial, the game is doing great.

Some Guy Z

Mmmmm not there yet…nothing much has changed, but at least i can see the growth. Honestly i cannot see how you can turn this around without going full evil or at least “Making the mother of all omelets here Jack! Can’t fret over every egg!” type scenario. Also, while being a basically vn is not bad, this could probably gone better as a build up your own empire/resistance type of gameplay.

I’m in day 60 now. Choices still don’t really matter much or at least the ones about the mom/caretaker.

Some Guy Z

Sidenote, i can’t see the appeal of those ugly make ups as a symbol of corrupcion, IT IS PERSONAL PREFERENCE, but i honestly prefer the girls without the whore/corrupcion make up to see the change.


Just remember that if you don’t like something it doesn’t mean others feel the same.
This game is successful for a reason but I think it’s just not your cup of tea, which is fine.

The choices do matter a lot. The landlady does too but takes place at a later time. After day 68 or something, you get your wish for the vanilla game you are seeking for I guess.

Anyway, if you don’t like the game it’s all good with me. I personally think it’s awesome and very different from your average VN.

Some Guy Z

Ok, the game gets a lot better , though choices still matter too little other than the main choice. Feels like playing a Telltale game on that regard.
By meaningful choices i mean the part of getting the liver and the operation, i can say no, and maybe let the caretaker die. The game assumes i just said yes and goes with it.
The story and the scenes are nice, but as i said before, i can’t see how the writers will get out of this one without setting up to many convenient scenarios.

Some Guy Z

So in short, not the masterpiece i see in the comments around, but it does get better as the days goes on in game. I would suggest have a look over of the beginning part at some point. Maybe put some dialog that shows more the kind personality and the dangers of the association to him? My opinion honestly, take it with a grain of salt.

Either way, peace, have a good day.

Anonymous Fapper

game not opening ….. help


Lewd Town Adventures 0.10 is out now!!! Lots of interesting stories have been added, lots of lewd stuff.
The total size of this update alone was: 6GB. It’s been compressed for everyone’s convenience.

Love it or hate it in the past 1.5 years this has become one of the largest adult VN’s out there.
We’re enjoying the work we’re putting in and thus it became one of the most unique VN’s out there.

Feel free to check the game if you’re looking for something else and if not all good.
Have a nice day!

Kind regards,


Look Who Is Talking

Finally A New Update That’s Good To Know

Look Who Is Talking

Its Been 2 Months Where Is Next MAJOR Update That Devolver Say About

Anonymous Fapper

Its out for patrons only, pubic release will be released on the 31st of March.

Look Who Is Talking


Anonymous Fapper

Why do I still ends up joining the organization even when choose not to join? I thought the choice will make any difference, gues not.

Anonymous Fapper

It doesn’t make any difference yet, as the content isn’t there to do so. The only difference currently is the scene you get while rescuing your mother. So actually it does make a little difference, but the game isn’t finished yet, so don’t worry too much. (unless this isn’t what you’re talking about)

Jamleng Games

Because the game revolves around the organization.

There are loads of choices in this game, some of which give a small ending, alternative/altered scenes or completely different paths.
In very few cases, mostly to decrease the workload, some choices are more linear than others mostly to keep the story going. Choices do matter and can have HUGE consequences.