Love Castaways

Love Castaways is an ongoing, adult Visual Novel that takes place in the fictional city of Hakayama. 

After an unknown incident, humanoid beings known only from fantasy books start appearing on our planet without any memories of past life. You play as the son of possibly the first person to ever interact with Visitors
Join an interracial school, meet a diverse cast of characters, laugh with them, cry with them, and despite many difficulties help your classmates find their place in the world.

Manage your actions by visiting characters of your choice, pick answers according to your preferences, and build up relations with whoever you want to.

Developer: SPkiller31 –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Animated, 3DCG, Harem, Handjob, Dating Sim, Humor, Comedy, Romance, School Setting, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Sandbox, Titfuck, PoV, Vaginal Sex, Thighjob, Assjob

Extract the file and run.


  • ~315 new renders
  • New Menu
  • 6 New story events:
  • – 2 new main events
  • – 1 new Kaede event
  • – 1 new, lewd, animated Kaede event
  • – 1 new Himari event
  • – 1 new Shinobu event
  • – 3 common events scenes(Natsu, Kaede, Himari) were reworked to fit the new style
  • Fixes in older events, changes in script
Rating: 3.4/5. From 15 votes.
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