Lustia Sexfight of the Realms

Lustia Sexfight of the Realms is a nonlinear visual novel with some RPG elements, where you will sexfight and if you want romance hot monstergirls ( elves, beastgirls, onis, demons, and all sorts of other cuties). My intent is to make the sexfights fun and with many kinds of different viable builds focusing on different stats and powers with variable text based scenes depending on how they end. But the game will be much more than that with many things to discover and powers to unlock as you get to know the girls and their worlds, adventure awaits.

You are a student piled on debt when a beautiful succubus appear offering a chance for you to sexfight women from different worlds and you are even getting paid. And here is where your journey starts, adventure and sex with many kinds of monster girls awaits you!

The game is text-based with 2d cgs of the characters. The base of the game are the sexfights were you will fight against the girls trying to undress them and make them cum before you. You will also be able to visit them in their worlds were you can find out more about them and do all sort of activities to improve yourself, get closer to the girl and sometimes eventually make a difference in their worlds. But don’t feel too safe there is more to those games then it seems and it is up to you to find out, your own life may depend on it.​

Developer: Frost Games – PatreonItch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Anal sex, Combat, Dating sim, Futanari, Groping, Harem, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, RPG, Strategy, Stripping, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, 2DCG

Extract and run.


  • +2 scenes for Iris
  • +1 scene for Auriel
  • +1 scene for Jade
  • Events progressing Iris, Jade and Shion stories.
  • A few battle UI upgrades.
  • Lilith scene is now correctly unlocking in the memory gallery.

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Rating: 2.4/5. From 18 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

If I’d wanted to play D&D, I’d play actual D&D.
I’d tolerate the D&D look and feel if there was enticing imagery too, but sadly here isn’t.
All here is, is a mindless grindy slog.

Another sexfight game would be a nice thing indeed, but this isn’t it.

Anonymous Fapper

AI generated images?! Hard pass from me.

Anonymous Fapper

Not sure if this shit is AI generated, but it’s on the same level of ugly garbage as it anyway…

Wick is The One

A 5.0 score…for real? A text-based game with no animation. I’ll check back later to see if anyone has played and reviewed this game.