Lyla's Curse

Lyla’s Curse which is a game about an elf (Lyla) who is just about to finish up her magic schooling when she gets cursed with an item that suppresses her magic completely. This in turn causes her to fail her finals and needs to find a way to rid herself of this curse in order to finish her schooling and get into the magic force.

She now can’t cast even the simplest of spells and now is forced to find alternative money making schemes to pay a specialist (an expensive ass specialist) to rid this curse…or is she smart enough to figure it out on her own. She’s accompanied by her faithful familiar Sock, which just so happens to be a burlap sack doll. Give her a break, she decided to be different and infuse her magical focus into a doll instead of the traditional animal that most sorcerers take.

You get to follow her journey into debauchery as she tries to find a way to rid herself of this curse. If she can’t then she has to return to the normal “Non-magical” world…fuck that.​

Developer/Publisher: Voodoo Monkey – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Corruption, Animated, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, School setting, Mobile game

1. Extract and run.


  • Fixed image hider for blowjob scenes (Causing duplicate sprites to stay on screen).
  • Added a cumfacial check when ending the day in case Lyla’s sprite continues wearing cum on her face after a scene.  (More of a catch all for missed scenes)
  • Scene Fix: Flash customers, fixed bug where Lyla never put her boobs away after flashing customer.
  • Slut level syntax for “End of Content” Message would only trigger at slut level 3.


·Fixed a line error for one of the spit scenes.
·Fixed a variable syntax error Fantasies for hand masturbation scene.
·Fixed Sock sprite call error in Spit in Mouth scene.

·Working the Pawnshop Minigame has been reimplemented back into the game.  When leaving, player can choose to work through the day to make more money.
·Slut Level and Embarassment Level have been adjusted.
·Slut level gains through multiple days of doing Dirty stuff.
·Embarassment Level is the experience points that Lyla gains (up to a maximum per day) to is added to total experience at the end of the day.
·The higher Lyla’s slut level, the less XP she gains from doing (simpler dirty tasks)
·New H-Scenes:
·Piezo Favors:
·Face Spit Scenes:
·Ranks 1 reworked (Slut Lvl < 3: Mostly Defiant or Lower)
·Ranks 2 reworked (Slut Lvl < 4: Rueful or Lower)
·Ranks 3 reworked (Slut Lvl < 5: Willing to Negotiate or Lower)
·Ranks 4 reworked (Slut Lvl >= 5: Relucant or higher)
·Watch Him Jerkoff:
·Rank 1 (Rewritten) (Slut Lvl < 4: Rueful or Lower)
·Rank 2 (Rewritten) (Slut Lvl < 5: Willing to Negotiate or Lower)
·Rank 3 (Slut Lvl < 7: Willing or Lower)
·Rank 4 (Slut Lvl >= 7: Sanguine or Lower)
·Spit in Mouth:
·Rank 1 (Slut Lvl < 4: Willing to Negotiate or Lower)
·Rank 2 (Slut Lvl 4 < 5: Willing to Negotiate to Reluctant)
·Rank 3 (Slut Lvl 5 < 6: Reluctant to Willing)
·Rank 4 (Slut Lvl > 6: Willing or higher)
·Touching Piezo’s Dick: (Slut Lvl >= 4: Willing to negotiate or higher)
·Handjob Introduction
·Handjob Rank 1 (Slut Lvl = 4: Willing to Negotiate)
·Handjob Rank 2 (Slut Lvl > 4: Reluctant or higher)
·Blowjob Introduction (Slut Lvl >= 5: Reluctant)
·Blowjob Rank 3 (Slut Lvl >= 5: Reluctant)
·Flashing a Customer:
·Rank 1 (Slut Lvl < 1: Defiant or higher)
·Lylas room Masturbate on bed has been re-written and restructured:
·Player can choose to masturbate on the bed by hand or use a toy.
·By Hand: Lyla can choose how she fantasizes (I.E: 3 levels of fantasy choice)
·By Toy: Rank 1 scene implemented. (Slut lvl >= 4: Willing to Negotiate or higher)
·Slut Level uncapped.  (Will Still need to rebalance later)
·New Lyla Sprites:
·Bent Over
·Horny Face
·Horny But Disgusted Face
·Under the Hood:
·Added framework for custom Nickname System (Feature not live yet)
·Added framework for Adventure and Exploration System (Feature not live yet)
·Added framework for Reputation System (Feature not live yet)
·Added framework for Hint system (Feature not live yet)
·Added framework for Lyla’s Reaction to the environment System (Feature not live yet)

Rating: 3.5/5. From 96 votes.
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Wish Fuck Mom

both MC and his brother love their mom inI threesome

Anonymous Fapper

Please heeelp how I have to wait for Stephen I dont know what i hav3 to do!!!

Anonymous Fapper

Please help!

Anonymous Fapper

Please help!

Anonymous Fapper

Please help!

Anonymous Fapper

Can you update this could be one of the best game son this site

Anonymous Fapper

What’s the max slut level ? and when do you reach the end of the update ?

is this game worth it ?

Kinda .
the game is good and has a big content potential but for now it doesnt have enough content
still fun tho.