Master vs Slave

You can choose to be a kind, loving master or a sadistic one. You can play as a submissive, loyal slave or a defiant one plotting revenge or escape.​

Developer: Noxurtica – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Slave, BDSM, Spanking, Titfuck, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Foot Fetish, Cum Play, Anal

Extract and play.


– Mines have more interactions and quests. City has a new quest-line where you can work for the mob.

Rating: 3.9/5. From 102 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

master is not availed jet gg

Anonymous Fapper

Is just me or this game is kind of unbalanced? I played the first time as full submissive…so after the introduction, you need to bring every day 150gold to your master…but Holy shit, that aint even possible, either getting fucked by the rng on the “fights” or doing something terrible wrong, but I allways end up with either no energy or no HP to keep working…even tried to do the side quest about that elf, but fucker just stabs me to death and my character cant fight for shit it seens…

Anonymous Fapper

I don’t think the author understand sexual submissives if he thinks it means “they fantasize about slaving away earning money to give their master”.

Anonymous Fapper

While the art look lackluster and need some work, the idea presented is really interesting!
Unlike typical slave games, you have got a option to be a defiant slave, doing favors for other and plan out your future to freedom; a lot of things have its use, and (almost) every part is worth investigating.
But the overall gameplay is slow, for a game with different options, it hurts a lot on the experience.

Anonymous Fapper

really nice game waiting for new versions

Anonymous Fapper

Pretty fun, good game, hope you keep up on updates.