Me & Emma Fiore

Impersonate Mike, the main character, a good guy, smart and shy, who due to some complicated events will find himself alone in a tropical resort. What was supposed to be a dream vacation with his closest friends will initially prove to be a very difficult ordeal for him. The resort is filled with beautiful girls, a wide variety of employees and workers, and strange fellows…. In addition, beautiful Emma Fiore (official avatar inspired to the real sex influencer) is at the resort, between fans chasing her and seeking privacy and intimacy… Mike will meet Emma during… Hey… Enough said! It’s time to play the game and put yourself to the test in ME & EMMA FIORE!!!!

Developer: Pervy Bunny Games – Game Patreon | Dev Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: anal, blowjob, choice based, handjob, sex, teen, vanilla sex, young

Rating: 2.8/5. From 12 votes.
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