Milk Maidens

Gather round one and all! And let old Goblincore tell you a tale of love! lust! loyalty!

Milk Maidens is the name of this tale!
An invading army of unprecedented scale has ravaged the Kingdom of Aegundar!
Over the course of the conflict they’ve managed to bring most of the country to its knees, even the King himself has had to go to the front lines in an effort to halt the invasion.
But this isn’t a war story, for the most part anyway…
This is the story of a mother and son fleeing the conflict after the man of the house left with the kings army.
The story begins with a convoy of refugees fleeing through the mountains, to the untouched southern reaches of the country, where they can (hopefully) live out the rest of the war in peace.

Developer: Goblincore – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Ren’Py, Unreal Engine 4, Animated, Fantasy, Male protagonist, MILF, BBW, virgin, peeping, rape, dwarf, enf, incest, humiliation, pregnancy, lactation, blowjob, handjob, voyeurism, prostitution, shota, big ass, big tits, sandbox, point and click

Extract and run.


Presenting Milk Maidens: version 0.15, the Gwynaldra update!


New Tavern exterior location!
A new character with 4 new H scenes!
1000 new lines of code!
A stats system!

Bug fixes:
An arrow to exit inside the tavern, and one to exit in the bakery!
A few spelling mistakes!

Rating: 3.7/5. From 79 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Hire an artist to work on a free game… That’s what you all are asking for… No wonder alot of you gets scammed into bad projects. No logic at all.

Anonymous Fapper

Dev is pulling in more than enough money through Patreon to afford getting an actually GOOD artist.

Anonymous Fapper

1. Is $20 a month actually a lot to you? Especially to do that much work
2. What are you actually complaining about? You’re getting this game for FREE and all you want to do is bitch all over the site? Don’t like it don’t play

Anonymous Fapper

Imagine getting this butthurt over someone having a legitimate complaint about a game looking fuck ugly. LMAO!  😂 

Anonymous Fapper

“hire an artist, to completely redo a game that I haven’t played and I’m getting for free, to suit my taste” is not a legitimate complaint

Don kermit

Fr idk why so many people on this site so I grateful, just be happy we’re getting all this for free maybe?

Anonymous Fapper

Would you be happy to get an asbestos and dogshit sandwich “because it’s free?” Because if so I’d like to sign you up for a limited time only offer of 8 free kicks to the goolies.

Anonymous Fapper

You also get poop daily for free but do you eat it? Not every free shit is meant to be taken happily, there’s plenty free shit already.

Anonymous Fapper

dude if its bothering you that much go make your own game instead of crying about it for literal months

Anonymous Fapper

It is no longer 4.4GB, my download is 2.6GB


Yeah I’ve really been working hard from the feedback I got last time, and still got room to bring the size down more for next update!

Anonymous Fapper

is there a walkthrough? I am not able to buy anything to progress story line.

Anonymous Fapper

Wondering this myself, can’t do anything or progress. Hopefully, the dev didn’t make objectives and leave it unfinished cause that would be some bullshit.

Anonymous Fapper

Is the the gang rape of human women by subhumans (goblins) mandatory or avoidable?

Anonymous Fapper

nothing actually happens to her apart from getting stripped. someone comes along and saves it

Anonymous Fapper

4.4G for a .01 alpha?