Mind Drifter

Mrs. Cassandra inherits an old house in the small town Somville and comes to revise her new property. By the chance, she receives the gift of being immersed into the human consciousness … as well as others, strange issues.

Nasty and totally amoral middle age lesbian weaves a web of intrigue by using the powerful magic of prehistoric civilizations in a small town of patriarchal and conservative manners. Try to find out if honest city residents can avoid its corrupting influence and get out of the trap of vice?!

Developer: shamanlab – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: lesbian, female protagonist, corruption, humor, clowns, grannies

1. Extract and run.


* New character Zoe and her quest part 1/N
* Mrs. Carlson ‘home sessions’ are fully redone. Now it’s lineal and cost much less Psi Points to complete.
* Three new mini levels
* Two new spells
* Minor improvements

Rating: 1.5/5. From 56 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Wow. This is my game i have no idea this game now published on this site. I’m will try to answer the questions.

Anonymous Fapper

wow.do you even know what you talking about, or what you want to say?

Anonymous Fapper

Yes, i know. This is my game. And i’m working on game reboot (i will call it 0.3) mostly because people was unsatisfied by arcade mechanics. By the way on patreon you can find link on bugfixed/rebalanced version 0.2k.


grannies?? Granny gives me nightmares no thanks

Anonymous Fapper

Bitch looks like Snow Miser…

Anonymous Fapper

Nigga, she looks more like the bitch (not literal) from 101 Dalmatians

Anonymous Fapper

RPGM with realtime combat, inconvenient save points, and frequent gameovers. Total clusterfuck, and that’s before you get to any content. One for the trashcan after 5 minutes.

Anonymous Fapper

Hi, this is my game. Arcade elements still balancing and testing. There is save points in the middle of Mrs. Carlson’s level and in v0.2i there is save point in Mind Entrance small level. In v0.2i i added more spells and small arcade levels to make walkthrough easier.

Anonymous Fapper

Also you can get few Zoe hypno pic for 15 Psi Point. 15 Psi Points you can grab by passing any small lvl which take you about 2 minutes.

Anonymous Fapper

I certainly hope this POS watches better than the overview reads. The image file seems to suggest the characters have all taken the same pills that Alice took before she followed that damn rabbit. Believe I will skip this one.

Anonymous Fapper

Hello! This is my game. I say you honestly they taken much better and stronger pills then Alice. 🙂