Monster Girl Invasion RPG

Monster Girl Invasion RPG is a JRPG style Adult game featuring monster girls.

Travel across a dangerous world filled with frenzied monster girls suffering from a virus which makes them attack men and become sex crazed.


The gameplay consists of classic JRPG style familiar to those who enjoy old school games of the genre. During your adventure you will get into battles with monster girls where they will either try to KO you or seduce you, if you lose they violate you, if you win, you may be able to convince them to join you.

25+ Different Monster Girl Types (More monstergirls to be added in updates)
– Varied H-Scenes featuring monster girls
– Classic JRPG Combat with many classes and abilities
– A large world to explore with many secrets
– Recruit monster girls and create a party unique to your playstyle

There is much more to come!

Developer: MGGEDev – PatreonWebsite |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Reverse rape, Monster girls, Mild Breeding, Dominant Cowgirl, Femdom, Creampie, Footjob, Male Protagonist, Female Domination, JRPG, RPG, Teasing, Temptation

Extract and run.


New Content:

3 New Monster Girls!
Ant Girls, The Queen Ant and the Lamia Queen can now be encountered and recruited. They currently have one h-scene each.
Added more main story content that moves on from Goldeka to a new area.
Quest Tracking for the main quest and other side quests is now fully functional.
Added “The North Cave” – This area is where you will encounter the Ant Girls as well as transition into the northern part of the map later in the story.
The Northern part of the world map can now be accessed after a certain point in the main quest, there are a couple of accessible locations however a lot of places will be further fleshed out in update 5.
Added “The Cheat Room” – This is a special room that can be accessed via a special item you can obtain in the beginning of the game. Only intended for those that want to cheat, sandbox or skip parts of the story.
Added odd device item that gives access to above mentioned cheat room. (Password: 8008)
Added dresser in starting house where player can obtain above mentioned odd device
Fixes and Tweaks:

Fixed bug that caused boxes in oasis village shed to turn into statues.
Added music to some maps that had missing music.
Edits to world map to accommodate new maps.
Fixed some steam achievements not triggering correctly and added new ones.
Removed sleeping npc in secret temple (old dev placeholder).
Added deck to the little girl in Nyuuville and simple dialogue when you defeat her.
Fixed bug where recruiting Samira wouldn’t make her appear in the party inn.
Fixed being able to eat grenades and added missing explosion animation.
Fixed thirst meter ticking during dialogue in the desert.
Artifacts from the hole should now be visible in the key items section of the inventory.
Increased the amount of steps the encounter decreaser is active for.
Fixed being able to climb the walls in Goldeka, the guards are now more vigilant.
Fixed next scene not being triggered when you have defeated the hellhound, originally the event was supposed to trigger at 50% HP but some players were too strong for her.
Mimi can now appear in the second campsite.
Made the jumps in the Labway Pass clearer to avoid not knowing where to go.
Fixes to Vizzy’s menu portrait.
Fixed wolf in sheep’s clothing quest not completing.
Updated wording for City of Gold quest to hopefully be clearer.
Added missing maps for houses in the hole.
Added missing stats to mimic enemy.
The GenCorp Lootbox now actually gives you items from a random pool of GenCorp themed items if you use it.
Added more drops to monster girls that weren’t dropping items
Minor changes to title screen information display
Fixed Crash if you try to duel the clown in Goldeka
Made some important gift items obtainable in more places, for example bouquets.

Rating: 4.0/5. From 10 votes.
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