Mother's Devotion

Hot Milf and Mother of 3,
Clarissa has freshly divorced her abusive Ex – Husband.
Now She can enjoy her new found Freedom.
Money issues, managing children and trying to have a life again in-between.
Come and join Clarissa in this chaos that is her life and find out, how all this will affect her.
Mother’s Devotion Gameplay

A Slice of Life, Erotic, Semi – Open World, Visual Novel
With a choose your own Adventure flavour!
Story Rich, full with Humour and Sexy Time!
You take the role of Clarissa. You will decide, her moves and day to day business.
With upcoming updates, there will be more choices for you to make and to enjoy.
Early Access

First 5 days = 5 €
After 5 Days = Free

Subscribers and Patron’s have access to the Early Access Tier and receive the Game 5 days before release!

About me!

Hi and welcome to my Game! My name is Fluffysan_Sensei or just Fluffy, or if you like it formal Mr.Sensei …… I create Games for you!…. well if Adult content is for you, then yes… for YOU. I work on my Projects in my free time.
I put in allot of Time and afford to assure, that you only receive the best quality!
If I have awaken your Interest, feel free to follow me for FREE:
My Patreon Or Subscribestar and check out the benefits you receive from supporting me!

Developer: Fluffysan_Sensei – SubscribeStarPatreon | Linktree
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Halloween Special 2022: Mother’s Devotion: Halloween Special 2022
Genre: 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Corruption, Incest, Big tits, Small tits, Big Ass, Exhibitionism, Teasing, Stripping, Flashing, Mobile Game, Vaginal Sex, Watersport

Unzip and Play


– When starting the Game, Studio Intro play’s.

– Menu Background changed now, depending on what supporter’s chose, what to update.

– Added Basan Event (Threesome)

– Added 4 new Animation’s

– Second Basan Event start’s Fynn Questline (Once Nightclub is available – Go with Basan 2x times)

– Added Fynn Questline

– Added new Place Photo Studio

– Added Fynn’s Introduction to Photo studio

– Added Fynn’s Introduction to Cherry’s Club

– Added new Character’s

– Added Photo Studio first session

– Added 1 Event in Fynn’s Bedroom

– Added first Waitress scenes

– Added first Pole Dance scene

Rating: 3.0/5. From 86 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Seems to be missing lesbian and animated tags.

Anonymous Fapper

All I see here is a game where a recently divorced and abused woman becomes a whore. Not much choice, suspense or nuance.

Anonymous Fapper

Version “0.05” is crazy lmao

Anonymous Fapper

No males at all i assume?

Anonymous Fapper

I realize this is an early version, so I don’t expect much content, or any… but… what the hell is this? It’s not a story or a choice-based VN, just a repeating cycle of activities; Take a shower, have coffee, go to work, visit sister, check on kids, go to living room, watch TV or clean, go to bed, wake up… and repeat cycle… over and over… no progression, not a hint of sex, boring, boring, boring.

Anonymous Fapper

Most of games here are like that, they give you nothing as early version which i don’t uderstand cuz they should show you at least some sex in the first version or they just mak unfinished version a a final cuz they don’t want to bother. And we cant forget they doing this for money, they should stop doing this early mambo jumbo and get money for a final complete product

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t forget that 95% of the games here never finish either lol

Anonymous Fapper

yep, it’s frustrating whan you playing final version and “option is not available in this version” or stuff like this. Actually i think i will back to normal porn cuz finding a full complete game here with is almost imposible for me as my favorite tags are incest and futa


Okay and how do you expect us to buy assets or upgrade our computers to be able to actually finish our game if we’re not getting paid?? We can’t pirate the assets like how you’re pirating our games here.. Making these takes time and MONEY.. How many of you have downloaded this here for free? and how many of you actually support its developement? and then you’re surprised why 95% of the games aren’t finished ..