My Model Daughter

A divorced photographer, that just got another chance for happiness.Join him in finding his true love and nature of that love.
In short, you are old money rich, but in your youth you wasted a big part of that wealth, on crazy life style.
Style that in the end cost you your family, most importantly because of it you lost your daughter
Sole custody belonged to your ex wife, her mother and she decided to cut all ties with you.
Six years have passed and now it’s time for your story to begin.​


Developer: Wicked Games – Patreonitch.ioBuyMeACoffeeDiscord
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Big tits, Male Protagonist, Posing, Incest, blowjob, sex, rape, corruption, romance

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 28 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Looks promising. Keep it up.

Anonymous Fapper

Not bad. At the moment it is more like a visual novel than a game because there are no real choices yet. But still promising.


Good start, i see potential. The biggest recommendation i have to you dev is be consistent. People want regular updates with a decent chunk of content. Too many of us has payed too much money to a developer that cancelled their project.
Also, something ive noticed with new developers, dont branch the story out too much. When you get good ideas, that does not fit your current project, just write them down. Dont force something into the game if you doubt it will make sense.

To see a project that went to shit i recommend Hardlove. It goes from kinda making sense to schizo land real quick. It was abandoned by the developer in favour of a better project.


Sure, most people have short fuses regarding the tempo of the updates. But quality is always more important than speed, if you ask me.

Quality always prevails in the end.

Anonymous Fapper

I would have considered suporting this dev. but his tier prizes goes from 2$ to 10$ nothing in between.


has some hope but devs gonna have their work cut out like a fat stripper but potential is there. models are decent though some scenes looks odd almost alien like (jaw is too skinny, eyes too big, things like that) could use quotations or something other than italics to show thoughts so its easier to separate from dialogue, grammar is decent for the most part but feels like some context is skipped during conversations so maybe blanks can be filled in to make it flow better. i have not played the whole thing this is just thoughts from the first few minutes so i may update this after reaching current end.