You just moved to Little Eden due to your fathers deployment. No TV, no internet and no reception, when things were looking like they couldn’t get any worst a chance encounter with an individual has given you the opportunity to turn things around and maybe even create your little slice of paradise.​


-4 different periods of the day (morning, noon, evening and night), each with different events!
-No combat
-Do part time work to earn what you need to buy what you need!
-Find targets for you to control and then train them to exert further control over them!
-Manage between training and generating income!
-Complete mini-quest to obtain necessary materials to carry out your plans!
-4 different endings and 6 girls currently planned!
-Art will be in 2D!


Main Girls:

Rika’s mother, a strict but gentle mother that moved to Little Eden because of her Husband.

A girl that’s in the same class as you, bubbly and nice, she always ready to help others. However she’s a bit unreliable at times….

Elaine’s daughter, smart, but cocky too…

A classmate and friend of Rika, though they only just met, they seem to be really close. She’s really shy though…

Your neighbour, a housewife that that appears to be an elegant person.

A student that transferred to your school shortly after you did, she seems rather unapproachable…

Developer: Smiling Dog – Patreon | SubscribeStar
Artist: Aiykawa – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Big ass, Corruption, Creampie, Harem, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Mind control, Mobile game, Pregnancy, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, Moral degradation, Public use

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Rating: 4.0/5. From 236 votes.
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Awesome game I had a lot of fun with. Pół me about 14h to complete with help of walkthrough. I played it on my phone. Steering was kinda difficult but i managed 🙂
I had some items on my eq from the start, like boots who let me adjust my walking speed that’s why i had no problem with a race to the campfire. Also i could choose milf and teen ending from the start.
It was fun. Enjoyed the girls personalities and how they ended pairing with eachother. Costumes and customisations were great. Lots of fetishes, siscon, ntr, emotionless sex, and obviously mind Control. I wish the costume change showed up during sex scenes, wish i could have spme more fun with the loli. I like how i could choose wchich girl i could breed. Dev did a great work, I totally recommend this game.


I tried the “plan” and a walkthroug online.
~Im trying to get Jace to the next level BUT fucking B U T
she wont talk. Sahra wont talk. (about playing together)
i tried it multiple times.. just *NOTHING* ..
H O W fucking HOW, do i do this?

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t bother. Broken controls and dumb broke mini games. Try reaching the campfire the girl runs 9000x your speed and insta ends the game everytime.

Anonymous Fapper

where is kay on friday? i dont find 🙁

Anonymous Fapper

Do people really like these shadow games ? I really don’t see a point or any interest in banging a woman as a shadow person or a floating shadow dick

Anonymous Fapper

Not really also not really into all these types of games when the artist can’t draw a nose so many of these have the same voldemort nose art style . Are they even human at this point when they don’t have a nose just an odd alien slit or a coffee smudge

Anonymous Fapper

Sorry guys this isn’t the cuck section.

Anonymous Fapper

tag: “Public Use”

kinda a tag for cucks isn’t it?

Anonymous Fapper