New Beginnings in Japan

New beginnings in japan revolves around a girl’s life who’s lost her memories due to an unknown event in her life where everyone but her knows the past , how will her life unfold? How does the others around her handle it?
It ultimately is upto you and your decisions throughout the game!

The game takes places between perspectives of the main character kiara and others as the story progresses , your actions define her character and the end , enjoy!

Developer: Shikharisfree – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Female protagonist, Sexual harassment, Groping, Corruption, Groping, multiple protagonist, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Masturbation

Extract and Play.

After a lot of feedback on Chapter 1 much more focus will be prioritized on the mc, nsfw events will still happen with other characters but the mc and her time in Japan in Chapter 2 is going to be prioritized in perspective.

First Release

Rating: 3.5/5. From 16 votes.
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Dev here everyone , thank you so much for giving this game a go , again i’m so sorry for the problems you might’ve had , but don’t worry most problems in comments here and oither sites have been taken into notice and implimented , here’s a road map for chapter 2 that will be going on since chapter 2 is going to be a bigger update schedule rather than a single game

—–Warrning spoilers below here ——-
Kiara’s 3/5 days in japan with multiple corruption and romance segments.
Mia’s trial
Veronica segments
Evelyn segments
Male protag intro and story progression in a seperate option to play.

see you all at month’s end!

Anonymous Fapper

Definitely a worthwhile playthrough. I liked the place time references at scene changes. The multiple view points gives a sense of scale to the story. However, I felt like there were a few too many making it at times a bit hard to follow. Also a lot of the evening renders are simply too dark.


Dev here , I got this covered in chapter 2 don’t worry perspective change is much less and it goes kinda like this now

Kiara’s entire day in japan first
Ny segments with 4/3 character perspectives only.

That said thanks for the kind words , I had health conditions too while making chapter 1 so yeah now i’m good as well , chapter 2 is on 31st 🙂 Will post it here then

fucking garbage

So is this more female protag trash, for all the wannabe gay fags to imagine themselves as the female MC getting smashed. Hard pass on this trash.


Dev here , I hope someone hugs you.

Anonymous Fapper

True yuri enjoyer.
Just wants to be freinds.

No Shame in Fapping

Are you here to fap or to hate? You can’t do both (unless…) You seem to have too much time (instead of dick) on your hands. Your name speaks for yourself.

Anonymous Fapper

First of all, if you don’t like these games, it’s as easy as just walk away and not bother with your bullshit opinions that nobody cares about.
And secondly, accept that humanity is diverse and there are tastes of all kinds. If diversity bothers you so much and you want everyone to think like you, that will never happen, so commit suicide and you will stop suffering so much, at the same time that humanity will be a little better with one less scum like you wasting oxygen and resources.

Anonymous Fapper

Where’s her hairy pussy?


Hey there , dev here I’m including hairy / shaved options in chapter 2 (: I couldn’t find assets that would match render quality on model till very late but yes expect hair growth / shaved in later chapters.

Anonymous Fapper

Another abandoned amnesia game before story unfolds.


Well idk about abandoned since i’m pretty sure i have 1300 renders with me as i code em rn for release of ch2 but to answer your amensia question.. Well without spoilers all i can say is this isn’t caused , her memories were instead “erased” by who why or how you’d know in chapter 2.