New Beginnings in Japan

In New Beginnings In Japan, Kiara – the strong-willed main protagonist, sets off on a new journey as she moves to Japan to start a new chapter in her life.

But her story is not just hers to tell, as you, the player, will play a crucial role in shaping her path in life through the choices you make. Throughout the game, Kiara will encounter a series of events that will test her character and morality, and it is up to you to guide her down the path of either goodness or corruption.

With an array of captivating characters around her, each with their own motives and personalities, Kiara must navigate through the challenges and make decisions that will impact her fate and overall dignity, this applies to other characters in the game as well!

The game is designed to give you complete control over Kiara’s journey, and every choice you make will have consequences that will affect the outcome of the story.

This visual novel offers an immersive and interactive experience, with a dynamic storyline that will keep you engaged until the very end. So come along and join Kiara on her journey, and see how your decisions will shape her path in life and determine her fate. Will she succumb to corruption, or will she rise to greatness? The choice is yours.

Developer: Shikharisfree – Patreon | Subscribestar | Discord | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Female Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, Corruption, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Groping, Sexual Harassment, Lesbian, Stripping, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Incest

Extract and Play.

Developer Note:
Please contact me for any bugs or queries in discord or patron messages.

Rating: 3.3/5. From 440 votes.
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Straight Pride

Japan is dying due to feminism and faggots. Good setting for this game.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

What in the heavens name.. lol

Shikhars Gay Crusade To Silence Critics

Patrion: This page is under review.

It’s almost as if you were warned and chose be a cunt. Hahahahahaha.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

Most of them moved to buy me a coffee but aight lmao.

Also patreon is under review because of the incest tag on the site , don’t worry I’ll be fine lol

Goddamn that name tho , man you hate me more than my ex. Must’ve touched your ego real hard huh

Shikharsfree (Developer)

Sup dude! , It’s back 🙂

Hope your sad existence has found some meaning to their life as well.

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t let any link of forbidden content in patreon. Even if locked to low tier.

And always send “unoficial” patch for “pirate” sites. With B account. Patreon is monitoring outside patreon too.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

No we just removed that content altogether , It’s not really the mainfocus of the game and the game still has enough content regardless.

Besides after revamp we can just include more events in the mid run to fill the gap , also patreon isn’t the one at fault here the banks they work with are the ones making these policies so they have to adjust.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

0.5.0 Patch for image error in the third option.

Download and extract the folder into the following directory –


Shikharsfree (Developer)

Hey everyone ,going on a small break now to work on the future versions.

As usual the break period and it’s details are available on patreon but tldr is we’re taking a break of 50 days in which we will

  • Remaster Chapter 1 renders to the quality extend we have now
  • Get proofreading done by an professional as I’m not a native speaker.
  • Introduce one more day between the final day of 0.5 to develop rose and evelyn better.
  • Change images to png instead of JPEG for less file size even for the non compressed version
  • Add music to most of chapter 2
  • Work on exclusive scenes for patreons

That’s all , thank you again for playing and checking the game out.

Comments below can be a bit hectic as some lunatics revolve their life around trying to put someone down but it doesn’t matter in the end since the project has enough support and one sponsor to keep going for a good minute.

Have a great February!

Anonymous Fapper

Agree, better take a break and avoid all public foruns for a time.

Sugestion: TRY MAKE OVERVIEW than match 100% with your game (or 80% at least). Changing this overview. Or making a accurate overview in next new game.

WHEN “THE CHOICE ITS YOURS” in overview. THEN THE CHOICE ITS MINE (player). Not yours DEV.

The bad rating. The bad comments are predictable. If 90% of content are (OR WAS) UNAVOIDABLE.

And in 2025-2030 another DEV will make same overview “THE CHOICE IS YOURS (but not true)” and the negative comments will happen again.

A lot of KINETIC NOVEL games have low rating and few negative comments, because people abandon at start and never make a comment. Without play.
Because KINETIC = 100% UNAVOIDABLE but player knows at start.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

Listen man , play the game first.

The game gives you control over kiara quite majority.

If you want to be delusional and in denial then you are more than welcome to be that , The game’s code alone has proof how many choices there are in the game so it really is not kinetic.

Also you’re wrong about the low rating part , steps of debauchary and fashion business as well here are 3.5 or 3.6 so it’s quite obvious most of you don’t know what a fem protag game is even supposed to be whether good quality or mid.

Seriously , if you know python open the game’s code and see how many choices there are and how many variables there are as well.

Kindly learn to understand how games work before teaching devs how their own made code is supposed to be.

Anonymous Fapper

Again. You are pushing YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE in a game.
Steps of debauchary. Boring dick fetish. Fashion Business. Same thing, 0.5 star games.

PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Sexual preferences are different.

I want AVOID ALL dicks of NPC. ALL.
Not avoid a few dicks, but 5 dicks are UNAVOIDABLE “because plot reasons”.

And a lot of DEVs can’t create a game for male straight players than prefer pussy. And only pussy of NPC.

Female players are 10%. Maybe 20% of “porn players”. Thats why FMC with 100% lesbian path have better rating than FMCwith forced fetish for NPC guys or futa. Or forced old fat bastard. Forced Zombie. Forced hobo. Forced drug dealer. Forced shota. Forced rape blackmail and all boring story.

A few people hate until forced sexual content with hot girls. Because its personal preference.

Shikharsfree (Developer)

Capitalizing everything doesn’t make you right it only makes you obnoxious

Read your own comment and realize kindly how hypocritical you are

“People have different fetishes”

“Why are you doing this dick fetish dev”

Lmao what? so just because you want to play lesbian only i should change canon?

Secondly , There is no dick fetish content in the game at the moment.

You can avoid literally being touched by any guy in the game at the moment or kick their asses if they try to with the mc and other girls.

If you’re gonna go ahead and call the mother and her ex lover something as “dick fetish” you need to accept people have different taste as well.

Where is fat bastard? Where is zombie? where is anything of this sort? This game has none of that.

Play the game first kindly and lastly all I’d like to say again is , Before you call anything kinetic kindly learn python and read the chapter 2 / 1 .rpy files and see what is there.

That’s all.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m liking how much the dev gets pissed and deletes the comments not in favour of the game, to satisfy his ego, man you must be so desperate to hide our comments. It’s a treat to see you get bashed from everyone on daily basis. That only proves that you manipulate everything, reviews, ratings, fake donations, etc. Also I know the reason why you deleted pretty much all ours and your comments this time, cz you made a racial remark against african Americans and I called you out on it. #BLM. Hope your few remaining supporters take note of this, if there is still humanity left. Good luck 😉

Shikharsfree (Developer)

Yes i am very angry as you can see , and very affected by your fake allegations.