New Year's Day(e)

New Year’s Day(e) is the continuing story of a single father (MC) and his stepdaughters, Evelynne (Eve) and Dayton (Daye) and their friends Becky and Kaylee. This is the sequel to the story “Christmas Eve“. If you haven’t read that, I encourage you to read it first, but it’s not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy this story.

This is a love story of acceptance, coming of age, and healing as the MC’s family and friends continue to come to terms with their developing feelings for each other and their grief felt for the MC’s late wife, Heather.

Developer: Jonesy – Discord | Itch | TwitterPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Christmas Eve
Genre: 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, incest, vaginal sex, oral sex, teasing, groping, lesbian, sex toys, voyeurism

Extract and Run.

Rating: 3.4/5. From 22 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

This is good for me. I like where it’s going. This person (the dev) is a good story-teller. His characters are rich, understandable. Hey! I like it! I’ll see what ‘Anonymous Fapper’ has to say about this. If they respond.

Anonymous Fapper

A disappointing sequel to an otherwise excellent game… Christmas Eve is a great game, I recommend playing that one instead of this one. This continues where Christmas Eve left off, but the whole game is just a series of daily activities (no sex) in the lives of MC’s harem of girls. By the end of the game, there’s about five minutes of lewd content which includes a blowjob between MC & Eve while two of the other girls masturbate in the bathroom. That’s it… not worth the grind leading to it.

Anonymous Fapper

This is just chapter 1. Not sure why that’s not in the title of this page. I’m sure Jonesy has a lot more in store for us.

Anonymous Fapper

Is there a patch for ageplay and incest yet?

Anonymous Fapper

No but it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s a novel and you be bored soon enough