No More Secrets

The whole thing began a few years ago when Brian’s mother had died. She was sick, but he had no idea, she and his father kept it a secret. After she died his father started to drink heavily. One night the cops came to Brian and told him that his father won’t come back soon so he’d better stay with a relative. When I found this he did his best in finding out what happened to his father but no luck.

A few days after the cops came to his door, Phill, the principal of the high school where Brian was a student came to him and told him that he could live with him for a while.
While living with Phill, Brian did plenty of bad stuff, but in the end, things got better.

The main purpose of the player will be to find out why is his father in prison while his second goal will be to find out what everybody hides. Everybody has secrets and your job is to find them. Some characters have big secrets while other not so big.​

Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Anal sex, Oral sex, vaginal sex, Incest, Corruption, Milf, Voyeurism, Gangbang, Threesome, Lesbian

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “NoMoreSecrets.exe” to start playing.

I have made another build, because there were a few bugs.
– you were able to have sex with Cecile even if you didn’t before
– there was a problem in the time skipping if you choosed Nichole over Brandy
– if you go solo for Lizzie without Vanessa you were not able to continue

Content Changed

The incest patch will create a quest which will reveal Jeane’s secret. This secret will be that she’s the real mother of the MC.

Patch Instructions

This is the incest patch for No More Secrets by RoyalCandy.
The patch is compatible with version 0.5 and above.
This patch is not provided by RoyalCandy


– Copy this “Patch” folder
– Paste to NoMoreSecrets/game

– Copy this “Patch” folder
– Go to your “No More Secrets” file and right click
– Show Package Content
– Contents/Resources/autorun/game
– paste the folder there

If the installation is correct you should see a heart on the right corner in the menu.

This patch will add an event between Jeane and Brian. To trigger the event you
need to go to her room when Phill is not home and click on the key

Episode 1:
– between 12:40 and 14:00

Episode 4:
– 07:55 when she’s in the bathroom
– 19:25 when she’s in the kitchen
– 20:30 – 21:00 when she’s in the livingroom

Episode 5:
– 18:10 – 20:10 while she’s in the bathroom

*** IMPORTANT ****
Make sure you find out the secret before episode 6

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Game took a serious drop in quality from the beginning compared to these last few updates. Still a good game, but just a lot of potential that’s not being reached rn


I have a problem with this current version 0.10.4, that it doesn’t start episode 11 as expected! Actually there’s nothing new! I stopped on the previous version at the “prom night” and I expected to play it in this version, but I couldn’t! Did anyone face the same problem?!


I have a problem with version 0.10.4! I stopped at the entrance of episode 11 on the previous version [0.10.3]. I expected to start episode 11 with the new version, but nothing happened!


Yes, I have the exact problem!

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Same. Don’t know why.


same here

Sad fapper
Sad fapper

At the start it felt like I was making choices. Now im just tapping away at the screen till it pops up telling me episode 11. Needs more naughty. Dev could have show us the full bit of teaching Liz to drive and how he got her on the hood.… Read more »

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

how get out of the house after for go buy alcool ?