Noble Seed

“Noble Seed” is a game about hot red-haired princess, who trying to return control over city, that was put in an anarchy state due to mysterious plot.
Combat system is card-based system with where cards represent character abilities.

It’s very early release with only combat system reveal.​


The Story

Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, the King had 2 children – a princess (our MC, Anna Vermilion), and a prince. They were twins. King thinks of passing the throne to the prince since the princess is very arrogant, mean, and vicious by nature, prone to impulsive decisions.

The King and the prince have left the capital to lead war somewhere near the border. After that major rebellion arizen in the city putting it into a state of anarchy. Central District and palace are yet to be taken by the rebels. Our MC senses, that there is some fishy plot behind this rebellion, and she wants to use this opportunity to prove, that she’s capable to become the next ruler by crushing the rebels and fixing her relationship with the capital’s population.

Since she’s the only representative of the royal family so she has any and all the tools and opportunities to do as she like, and no one would be able to interfere with her decisions. She is a very skillful fencer, and there are rumors, that her skill can become legendary. She has a killing sex appeal and is a buxom, strong-willed, and well-educated, yet somewhat impatient and rough person.

Developer: SteamUP – Patreon | Twitter | SubscribeStar | Itchko-fiDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Combat, Groping, Female protagonist

Extract and run.


– Dialogue box will have fixed text size
– Texts alignment in Dialogue box text were properly centered.
– In raid on strongpoint’s, player will get number of steps equal to number of people, that Anna befriended in tavern.
– Appearance of initial background picture, textbox and first sentence no longer require separate left mouse button press.



New Features:

1. Town Events: With each turn, players will encounter unique town events that wield an impact on player resources. For now it’s only 10 distinct events that adds more depth to gameplay.

2. Search for Rebel Strongpoint: Delve into a randomly-generated map teeming with events and decision-making opportunities. Dive into 24 adventurous events as you seek out the rebel strongpoint, and defeat rebels, that gather in district to cause problems.

Player no longer can choose his starting hand. Cards will be randomly fetched from his “Draw Deck”.
Anna’s state will be preserved till end of turn, which means, that Health won’t restore on their own, and every next combat will be more challenging, than previous.

Minor Changes:

  1. Enhanced District Stability:
    Utilize guards to bolster district stability! Send them to keep protesters and rebels at bay(every cruel dictator like Anna would do it)!
  2. Polished Aesthetics:
    Experience the game with a fresh perspective as we’ve revamped the basic fonts for a more refined visual appeal of dialogue system.
  3. Bug Squashing:
    I’ve been hard at work ensuring a smoother gameplay experience by fixing numerous bugs, that some of You helped me to find. Your gameplay will now be even more seamless and enjoyable.
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