Noblesse Oblige

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery with Noblesse Oblige – the fantasy-themed trainer/management game that puts you in the role of an aspiring young Mage. As a personal teacher of young gifted individuals in a wizard city-state, you’ll have full control over your student, but with great power comes great responsibility. Will you use your influence to be a noble and wise mentor, or will you give in to darker desires and become a lecherous master or mistress? The choice is yours, but be warned – every decision you make will have unforeseen consequences.

With frequent updates and many game mechanics still in development, the journey with Noblesse Oblige is just beginning. Keep an eye out for new features as we continue to build this captivating world of magic and intrigue. Are you ready to embrace your destiny as a master of the arcane? Let’s find out together!

Developer: Alvir Studio – PatreonItchTwitter | Website |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG , Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist , Multiple Endings, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex , Virgin, Group sex , Dating Sim, Fantasy, Management, Simulator, Trainer, Female domination, Rape, Tentacles , Futa, Trans, Interracial, Handjob

Extract the archive and launch the game.


✧ Map is getting populated – 14 new locations to visit (yes, they are still empty, but will get lots of content in the future updates). This way future quests finally be able to include different locations to visit and interesting intrigues implemented. These 14 new locations include:
✧ Nymph’s District – Yeees~ Finally Nymph District will be available with many new interesting characters to meet and interact with (in the future updates), and right in this district you will be able to buy different items that will protect your or your protege’s chastity (chastity belt to appear in the next update ^_^)~
✧ Human’s District – A place of intrigue, arrogant nobles, and hidden slavery organization. Be careful as local nobles may take interest in your protege and will try to buy her or take her away from you~
✧ Satyr’s District – What do you think first about when you hear the word Satyr? I immediately think about wine and festivities, and what festivities there could be in Satyr District without their own House of Pleasure? So yes, in future updates you will be able to visit a very peculiar establishment in this district to work there or to relax and spend some gold on exquisite beatues~
✧ Lake Synevyr – A large mysterious lake in the middle of a mountain valley, surrounded by forests – an ideal place to meet some cute fairies and mermaids!
✧ Emerald Plains – Wonderful place to stretch your legs and just gather some alchemy ingredients if… you do not stray far from the road… otherwise, you could meet many dangers of different sorts~ Harpies, centaurs and other creatures roam the plains, so better stay near the main road~ (By the way, it has 1 event already implemented)
✧ Frostforge Mountains – Mountains that encircle the valley, you will be able to get some ore from there and meet some mountain dwellers.
✧ South Road – This location will be more quest-related and you will be able to meet some merchants here.
✧ Alchemist’s Grove – A safer location than Myrkvithr for visiting a forest and meeting some peaceful forest denizens.
✧ Tower Garden – A place where you may spend some time to relax after an especially tiring day.
✧ Towers – South, North, West, East, and Main Towers are places that you may visit to get to know characters that are involved in Academy operations~
✧ Battle system update – A lot of not-obvious updates that will allow to add enemies and weapons much faster and reliably into the game, from visible changes – now weapons deal dmg in range, for example, if an earlier weapon dealt 4 dmg + str, now it deals 1-4 dmg + str.
✧ More art – Some new art for new locations (more to be added in later updates)!
✧ Bugs extermination – Some major and minor bugs were dealt with~
✧ And many small adjustments – Balance changes, image additions, lots of buttons, text corrections, and many more small changes.

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