Occultus is an adult visual novel about vampires, cults and the debauched lifestyles of the wealthy elite of a small town called Moroburg. You will play as a young man who after meeting his estranged Aunt when looking for work and it’s through her you will discover the weird and wonderful dark underbelly of your home town.

Developer: BC – Patreon | Itch.io
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Paranormal, Incest, Exhibitionism, Corruption, Voyeurism, Mind control, Monster girl, Masturbation, MILF, Oral sex, Prostitution, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Hypnosis, Vampires

Rating: 4.0/5. From 138 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Story is fine. But the MC looks like total trash.

Anonymous Fapper

didnt feel like the game was finished imo, i but the dev is making panacea now, only has 87 supporters, and panacea seems like a poor substitute for this game, i actually enjoyed this game, but v0.8 is not a completed game, doesnt even say final version, so im guessing dev got bored of it and tried another game thats gonna be niche (futa/trans), but deleting the game, not gonna waste space on it any longer


The story is great, the characters interesting. The game is not all that long, and honestly the game aspects are pretty threadbare, it comes off more as a visual novel. This is also finished as of v0.8, just needs some touch ups before a final version is released.
Honestly if there was one drawback here is that the porn is not actually appealing, the 3d style used is not actually sexy. I still played through the entire game but I did it for the plot rather than the porn


small correction. game is not all that long but also not too short. it feels just right in length

Anonymous Fapper

So… middling length.
Like the difference between a book that is 300 pages, and one that is 1000.

Dr. Ran-Doom

Game has Corona Pandemic, It’s been quarantined and devs are staying away from it.

Anonymous Fapper

When is the new update coming

Anonymous Fapper

The game has ended.

Anonymous Fapper

Any more updates will just be bug fixes, the story is over