Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart Story
A teacher accepts his ex-girlfriend’s three daughters into his home in hopes of getting his woman back but falls for the heartbroken daughters.


Gina – The middle child and the quietest of the bunch. Her standoffish demeanor makes it difficult to get to know her. However, after getting heartbroken by her first and only boyfriend, she awakened a hidden perverted side that you must contend with.

Samara – The youngest of the three and the quickest to fall in love. Despite never having a sexual experience in her life, a fast-spreading rumor forced her to have an emergency transfer due to bullying. Your job is to open her heart and teach her that love is not rumor and gossip.

Ciara – The intelligent and hyper-sexual oldest sister. Her perverted nature often gets her in trouble with her mother at the expense of her co-workers and her siblings. Her siblings fear her yet respect her. Can you tame her or fall victim to her dominance?

Release Schedule
-Look for an update every 3-4 months or so. The plan is to have the story span two weeks with each update taking about 1-3 days in story time. Expect close to 10 updates before the final 1.0 release.

Studio’s Promise
– I plan to have at least 2-3 animations with each chapter with each animation being better than the last as my skills and experience grows.
-I plan to incorporate well-written scenes that play into the visual novel tropes that you guys can enjoy.
-The first chapters will be free of charge.
-There will be many choices that center around the concept of POV and really making you feel that you are in these situations. Also, there will be options of ruling by fear or ruling by love.

Developer: From The Heart – Itch | Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Harem, Incest, Vanilla, Male Protagonist


– First Chapter of Open Your Heart

Rating: 1.5/5. From 22 votes.
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