Our Life After Lottery

A Lucky married couple hit the lottery for big money and their life completely changed after that.​

Developer: YassminYT
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, NTR, Big tits, Male protagonist, All kinds of sex, Cheating, Oral sex, Squirt, Exhibitionism

1. Extract and run.


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Rating: 2.8/5. From 65 votes.
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Game Her

Garbage Game, utterly ridiculous and trashy

Anonymous Fapper

In resume, its the game that you can follow 3 paths, be dominant/cheat on your wife, be passive/get cheated, or be neutral so you stay with ur wife, the problem is that it have ntr in the ”passive path” and for some reason people hates the game from the beggining bc of that when you can decide wich path follow.., the only real problem I see, too short and heavy, It could improve, but with all the hate of tiny dicks andys hating because they chose ntr path probably it will be another abandoned

Anonymous Fapper

Games don’t get abandoned because they have NTR in them. Contrary to the belief of many haters, there are plenty of people who like NTR and are ready to pay for it. NTR games get abandoned either because they are crap, and not even NTR lovers are prepared to play them. Or because the Devs lose interest or assume that they are going to have instant success, and when it doesn’t immediately happen, they just give up.

danish guy

if a dev. makes a game with alot of NTR its not because he wants the game to be wery popular og to make a lot of money it because the dev. wants it. NTR games will newer be as popular as games without it

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah, no there isn’t. That’s why NTR games do so poorly, most don’t want them because most are submissive weenies who get off on being cucked.

Anonymous Fapper

Really good start. This game looks solid

Anonymous Fapper

almost 1gb for 5 minutes game? Dam

Anonymous Fapper

Waste of time only 2 sex scenes one with you and wife 2nd wife jerks off did she just met who also has a bigger dick garbage game isn’t the main charachter the MC for a reason enough of this cuckold ntr bs

Anonymous Fapper

If you let her thats what you get, you can cheat on her or get cheat, its your decision lmao

Anonymous Fapper

Wait, “one with you”? You put yourself on that character’s shoes? Poor you and everyone here who plays like that.