Falling Stars

You were the fastest rising young star in the wrestling world…until your career was ended and your reputation destroyed by a man who would go to any lengths to make sure the spotlight stayed on him alone.
That man was Iron Head Kisawa, the President and Champion of Todogawa Strong Style, a man powerful enough to turn the entire country against you. Or so you thought.
Just when you are about to give up on ever clearing your name and taking your revenge, an old friend comes to you with a plan so crazy, it just might work. Can you train a new champion…in the women’s division?

Developer: Nyatd – PatreonSubscribeStarTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Ahegao, CreamPie, Group Sex, Hand Job, Harem, Oral Sex, Interracial, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Humour, Romance, Sandbox, Choices Matter

1. Extract and Run

– Fixed a bug where Aya’s affection stat was not updating after her coffee shop scene

This version contains around 75,000 words, 1,300 images and 10 animated lewd scenes

Rating: 3.5/5. From 16 votes.
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I am not a fan of your art style and I never heard of Purosesu before.

But – what I like is the way you try to do something fresh and inventive.

And the way you take your theme serious, expand the roster of your wrestling ladies over time and are a competent story teller.

Good luck with your game.


Thank you so much for these kind words, hearing that people are enjoying what I’m doing just makes me want to work even harder to make this game as good as it can be 🙂
And, in case you were wondering, ‘puroresu’ is just the term for the Japanese version of pro wrestling!


I already get what puroresu means by now 😉 But thanks.

You know: It’s always easy to praise people who have a lot of experience, success and fans, work already with a team and so on.

But the small developers strain themself, too, and sometimes even more than the big ones. Therefore I always try to cheer for them, too, if I find reasons to like their work.


For example:

  • it’s a good idea to introduce some twins from scotland who speak with such a strong accent that you have to translate them
  • and the animations and the mimics of the girls are very nice, especially for a newcomer (I am just not into the backgrounds – but I think elaborate backgrounds are difficult to do)
  • and the way it turns into a real training game after a while with some freedom what to do next is convincing, too

I guess you are not from the USA, right? 😀


Thanks again, man! It’s nice to know that some people realise that us smaller devs need the support more than the bigger guys do, I appreciate you 🙂
Glad you liked the Twins, their accents were one of my big worries before release but the response to them has been great so far!
The animations are a huge headache to get right but I only started learning how to do all of this about six months ago, so it’s slowly getting easier and when you DO get them right, it’s very satisfying.


And no, not from the USA, what gave it away? Haha 😉


After some playing you meet a few tricks of the trade and it seems obvious to me that you use the same engine or system as “Lessons in Love”. Which is a good role model, especially if you don’t fall back with your style of speech.

And if you watch guys like Runey (Harem Hotel) or Althos (The Headmaster) you can see how much they have improved with their animations (although Runey had some help with his latest editions).


Therefore – I guess – it’s something that you can get better with if you just practice enough.

I don’t think that you can plan on make a living by developing an adult game – you need endurance, talent, word of mouth and luck – but even if their is little or no success, you create your own world, which is always an accomplishment.


I admire or even envy every developer who is able to create something which stands for his personality.

The modern world has a lot of disadvantages like this whole woke bullshit (“Wind of change” is a perfect example ), but in the other hand, if you just have a lot of willpower and determination you can reach a lot of things which have been impossible to do not a long time ago.


Uh … “The Healing Wind”, not “Wind of change”. My bad.


Yes, in terms of framework, ‘Lessons In Love’ is a big influence, as it’s the game that really got me into VNs in the first place.
As to the rest, there’s a lot of truth in what you’re saying. I’m not naive enough to assume I can make a living doing this but I’m still going to make this game as good as I possibly can.


As you said, there’s a great deal of satisfaction in creating a world that other people enjoy, even if it doesn’t pay the bills! {Although, honestly, I’d be very happy if it did!)

Anonymous Fapper

As a puroresu fan, this turns me up somehow, ready to download


Awesome! Hope you enjoy it!