Panacea, a transformative tale of a young woman and an experimental new drug with metamorphic properties.​

Developer: BC – | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Transformation, Big tits, Lesbian, Futa, Trans, Urination

1. Extract and run.


– 205 new renders

– Meet Grandmother scene

– Mission with Kat scene

Rating: 3.2/5. From 272 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

IT’s okay, only stupid that it’s a male hating story, I mean what’s wrong with the father? And why is the male who plays a transgender so accepted as if she is a woman? She didn’t even have breasts….

Crazy libtards…


So let me just see if I have this right. You’re against narratives that hate on men, considering that tarring everyone with the same brush is unfair; all sounding good so far. But then you have an immediate issue with transgender women, hating on them for being accepted. Now you seem to think, incorrectly, that she’s not a real woman, but that means in your eyes, she’s a man.

So shouldn’t you be happy that a “man” is liked in the narrative? Or is it only certain “men” that should be accepted?

Anonymous Fapper

Any other lesbian games

Anonymous Fapper

There’s a tag for it, so yes.

Anonymous Fapper

the tag only means that there is a lesbian scene or moment in the game, not that the game is mainly or heavily lesbian, also threesome scenes are consider lesbian

Anonymous Fapper

This. For a site that only allows you to search by one tag at a time they should really have F/M, M/M, F/F etc. tags instead, makes it a whole lot easier to filter out the things you’re not interested in.

But to answer the original question: “Dog Days of Summer” and “Bad Memories” (Although it’s not on here anymore after it was released on steam, might be able to find versions up to 0.5 or so, the same creator has another game that’s on here but it’s not lesbian content)

Anonymous Fapper

Well you look at the other tags, and if it has stuff like ‘male domination’, ‘anal sex’, ‘handjob’, ‘footjob’, ‘vaginal sex’ , titfuck’, ‘cheating’ ‘interracial’ etc. Then it’s probably not a purely lesbian game. I don’t know why so many people on this site, find it so difficult to just use their brains now and again?

Anonymous Fapper

Honestly, when the game made the jump from like, 0.45 or something to 0.5, I thought it’d be abandoned.
Apparently that hasn’t happened…


Anonymous Fapper

Too many bugs in this version. Pitiful

Anonymous Fapper

What bugs? Lol

Anonymous Fapper

v0.42 dropped, yet another short update. Wouldn’t mind waiting for a longer one, hell I can’t remember when v0.40 dropped, but I’m kinda let down that recently we get maybe one or two scenes and then “That’s all for now” and I’m again just disappointed that it was over so soon.

I think I only really got invested when I start a new run, but I wanna keep my progress so I won’t.

Anonymous Fapper

It is only going up by a 0.01 for each update, so the number of updates (If it followed this theme from 0.00) would be 100+, although the lack of actual content to them means even 1000 updates wouldn’t have the amount of content as some other games with only 10.

Honestly, I saw give the game until 0.90, then play again. (If it even reaches that point)

Anonymous Fapper

Say* sorry. :thonk:

Anonymous Fapper

Nah it’s fine (Same person), I must’ve been drunk, and high on shrooms to have missed that.