In the game Pattern Screamers you are standing in front of a huge mansion.
A cold shiver runs down your spine as you follow the mysterious maid into the creepy-looking mansion.

This is it. You mustn’t look back.
This is your only chance to escape your life as a shut-in.
Your only chance to reclaim your ”existence”.
Your only chance to prove your worth.
So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and face whatever madness awaits you inside.

Pattern Screamers Trailer

Developer: Strange Girl Studios – PatreonDiscordTwitterItch | Subscribestar | Website | YouTube |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Anime, Cute, Gore, Horror, Psychological Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Rating: 3.1/5. From 37 votes.
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Handcuff breaker

Trash waste of time I’d rather eat two hamburgers and vomit them out then play this trash again

Handcuff breaker

Let me fuck something LET ME FUCK THE DEV


Let us look at the sample images

> Dialog with brown hair dude… from dialog he is probably the MC
> Cucked by teddy bear
> Cucked by tentacles
> Cucked by blue haired delinquent boy

> No mention in tags or description about any cucking.

Why do cucks always try to hide their fetish and trick others into playing it?

Anonymous Fapper

Because if they do, no one will play their things

Anonymous Fapper

30 demos
zero finished games
Profissional sca mmer
Nobody trust in this pathetic cuck DEV

Gamer Dud

There is a new update we’ll see if they update the backlog of current versions of the patch. (Obviously it must be by patreon)

Anonymous Fapper

Well what do you guys expect from a free porn game?

Anonymous Fapper

of SCAM v0.1 = nothing

of serious v0.1 = 2-3 sex scenes. Schedule. Future Tags. All informations about the preject.

Anonymous Fapper

Game isn’t free. Need to pay for full version.

Anonymous Fapper

DEV need pay to me.
For free, no try.

Anon "MC" Johnson

I used to expect a fun sexy game, but after never finding any fun sexy games I now only expect something to justify killing all the devs.