Peerless Lust

Peerless Lust is a free adult visual novel/RPG/Sandbox game with a Modern fantasy theme. ( and a little bit of cultivation novels elements ^^ )


You play as a Peerless Demon Lord of Lust, who after he is defeated and imprisoned for thousands of years, finally escapes his prison… but due to some complications, he ended up in a different world and possessed a body of a weak human

So the adventure begins:

To regain your power you must spread lust and corruption, lucky for you this world is full of beautiful women just waiting for you.

It seems like only women can use magic in this world but I can sense my magic and my demon power too seems to work. So I’m the only male that can use magic in this world?  It offers many possibilities!

There are even elves and beast folks. I wonder if there are demons too?

What can you expect:

More of a light-themed funny story with some serious moments.

OP protagonist – maybe you lost your power but not your memory you still remember countless material arts, magic, and sex techniques. So you know how to become powerful, you only need a little bit of time and effort to achieve this.

( Basically an OP harem anime MC but you actually fuck your girls ^^ )

HAREM – A lot of women and a lot of sex scenes, some harder to get and some pretty easy, after all, you are a Lord of Lust so sooner or later any woman will submit to you.

Animations – Most of the sex scenes will be or already are animated.

In terms of NTR –  NETORI ONLY – You will steal and fuck other’s girls and wives.

( The only scenes where our hero is not a partner will be some sweet lesbian time between girls or some scenes like “Watching porn” or something ^^ )

Any girl that you see or meet will become fuckable at some point ^^

Developer: Darx – PatreonItchDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: MILF, Hand-job,  Foot-job,  Big Tits, Big Ass, Netori,  Mind Control,  Corruption, Teasing, Sleep undressing, Vaginal sex,  Ahegao,  Creampies, Virgin, Threesome,  Lesbians,  Masturbation,  Sleep Sex, Anal, Orgy,  Foursome

Extract and run.


-A new story event in the club – The organization is organizing a meeting! It’s time to see who we are against and make plans against them!

  • New Story Event – Shuya has a little secret that we will discover!
  • 5 new characters will appear – 4 will be conquerable and 1 is just for the story (I don’t want the FBI knocking on my door ehe~)
  • New event with our familiar – she will visit after we wake up at our house!
  • New events in the Academy – The Drama club is now open! There is one scene with Sinylene and Mirla, both in new costumes!
  • New event at the public library with Zoe and Alyrila.
  • New event with our familiar – visit Dianna’s shop for it!
  • New Dream Invader scene for Nico!
  • You can now meet Aisha in the city’s bar. (Feet-focused)
  • New event with Nisserlis – visit her~
  • 2 new events on Sunday morning in the Salon/ One with Paulie and Mia and second with Alis and Elen~
  • Some small changes here and there.

This is the last update focused on bonus events, starting from the next update we will focus more on the actual story. The next update will be released around February 27. Sorry for the short Note but I’m tight on time. Anyway, I hope you will like the update. Cheers ^^

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Anonymous Fapper

Is this like love death and robots in XXX mode?

Anonymous Fapper

“Peerless lust is a sandbox/RPG…” Thanks for the warning, skipped.

Straight Pride

At least there is no fag shit in it.

Anonymous Fapper

That’s a low bar to get by. Doesn’t mean the bullshit sandbox rpg is any better

straight pride

I’ll admit, sandbox is usually gay.

Anonymous Fapper

It has lesbian content, it most definitely has gay shit