Portals of Phereon

Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

There are 3 different maincharacters (female, male, futa) with a different set of abilities/ goals etc.
There will be a lot of base species
(currently 10 (Beast, Centaur, Harpy, Succubus, Mermaid, Plant,Insect, Lavagirl,Lizard and a Light Creature))
and ALL possible combinations as hybrids as your characterpool to recruit from/ breed.
(+ some special hybrids with more than 2 bases)
Npcs will mostly be variants of those species or completely unique ones.

Go through randomly generated Portals, discovering/ recruiting new Species, finding interesting items/ events etc. and bring your rewards back home.
Some portals may need flying characters etc. to access.
The overworld map is also tile based.

Turn based on a tile map with permadeath. Characters have a lot of unique abilities, passives based on species. First all your characters act then all enemy characters. To make permadeath/injuries in this system not too frustrating, ranged abilities are very limited so enemies couldnt just focus all their attacks on one of your characters, instantly killing it. Instead characters are able to seduce others from far away, increasing their lust. While their lust is above 50% they get a lot worse (take double dmg, deal half etc.), so “ranged” characters still have a big influence on the game while not feeling too unfair. At 100% lust characters cant do anything except masturbate/fuck, effectively stunning them for a round.
mana and hp never regen naturally and the gametime passes during combat, making every single battle important, forcing you to think about how you want to prioritize your ressources (hp, mana, time, characters, etc.). (I always hate completely meaningless filler battles in games).

Breed your characters’ traits/stats to create a team specially tailored to your playstyle and/or portal environments or to prepare for certain fights/fullfill requests etc.

fight in arenas
train your characters/your sexSkills and put them to use in the brothel
build upgrades etc.
do quests/ interact with npcs

They will mostly be Image slideshows with descriptions etc. (maybe sometimes animated)
There will be a lot of random events that occur based on your party/ biome/ rng etc.
Npcs will have more complex scenes where you have a lot of choices.
I try to have everything porn related to also have gameplay consequences, so seeing sexScenes etc. is not the reward in itself, otherwise it would feel weird to be punished for it gameplay-wise.

Developer/Publisher: Syvaron – PatreonDiscordWiki
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Anal sex, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa, Trans, Futa protagonist, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Strategy, Text-based, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Portals of Pheroeon.exe” to start playing.



  • – unstable trait didn’t work correctly
  • – quests sometimes didn’t check for species
  • – gender for fusion was random
  • – unique cowgirl event could trigger multiple times
  • – stable trait added its effect for each evolution
  • – some rockspirits didn’t have the spirit trait (couldn’t evolve etc.)
  • – earthquake didn’t work (only characters with access to it were probably not accessible anyway)
  • – intro events were only triggered on first day (now first 3 days)
  • – random location events lasting multiple days could stack, causing a softlock after ending it.
  • – slime-poison cost more than shown. also increased it’s radius by 1
  • – some ai problems (mostly bulb skills)
  • – tavern points starting trait was useless. now lets you start at higher tavern rank
  • – only the first 4 traits showed in fusion window
  • – Lumira didn’t have the aquatic trait
  • – some quests skillrequirements didn’t fit with required gender
  • – some evolution paths had wrong skills/tooltips
  • – special trader events could overlap (same trader multiple times)
  • – genetic gender of starters didn’t align with actual gender
  • – ai turns shouldn’t take the same time if they don’t do anything
  • – fleeing into another encounter was bugged
  • – naturally spawning relays didn’t do anything.
  • – home portal was listed twice in teleport menu.
  • – only basestats were checked for tavern jobs (ignoring traits like strong etc.).




  • new spirit (5 species)
  • 1 new special hybrid
  • 2 new creatures
  • 2 unique characters

Difficulty settings:

  • default save type set to town-only and adjusted modifiers
  • dating mechanic now optional as difficulty modifier


  • Map for quick overview of the town
  • quickacces to locations/certain things
  • useful tooltips/infos for locations in one place
  • highlighted places that require attention (eggs hatchable, special portals etc.)
  • new location with some special items


  • removed tavernpoints
  • quests are ranked
  • you now also have a quest ranking, that affects difficulty/rewards of quests
  • higher rank also allows you to hire stronger characters for money
  • more varied quests/rewards
  • can accept/keep track of a few quests. (can’t remove quests or reputation loss?)
  • new journal tab for quests


  • more control over fusion results at cost of crystals
  • You can select half of each characters traits (+1)
  • By default all other things will be the average
  • Can select genes to 100% take the gene from this character instead
  • More selections = higher crystal cost. (free up to a point)


  • ranks increase stats. Each rank increase is the same as a levelup without sizemodifier.
  • keep equipment. Ranked battles are a bit harder (maybe option to unequip for bonus money)


  • Can change character location (party/farm…) from management screen
  • Can sort characters ascending/descending if you click again
  • Can sort while selecting characters. Descriptions change a bit to show relevant info based on sorting type
  • In charactermanager, you can lock selection to current group easier
  • Can mark/favourite characters to sort/identify them
  • modfied stats only show in tooltip if they are different
  • journal color changed to make reused text more readable (as most other text backgrounds are dark)


  • some new events, traits, skills, items etc.

Noteworthy bugfixes:

  • evolving characters didn’t update their statgrowth, making all seedlings/spirits kinda useless
  • evo unequipped items after transforming in chimera form
  • chimera form didn’t update some stats + percentages were ignored
  • couldn’t re-hire town npcs after recalling home
  • size of captured spirits was set to medium after reshaping
  • strong healing pots didn’t work when used from inventory
  • aquatic trait was often missing




  • Removed random encounters
  • Enemies move on the Overworld
  • finer strength evaluation of teams. (based on size, species, genes etc.)
  • (Actual encounter difficulty is mostly the same as before)
  • Exp-gain is equal to the enemy strength
  • Enemies on the map are represented by their strongest party member?
  • Enemies can also fight each other. Sometimes recruit some of the lost team etc.
  • Winning team will gain losers items. (capped based on partycount, rest will drop on the ground)
  • Enemies have their items equipped (won’t use active abilities/consumables)
  • Resources lost when fleeing will be dropped on the enemy tile
  • Same enemies will stay after you flee. (can flee and come back to recruit/ for revenge etc.)
  • Enemies in a portal don’t completely reset every time you enter. A few new ones spawn, but less concentrated.
  • Removed movement-stances
  • Click on self (“s”) to have a short rest (enemies will move)
  • Enemies will flee from stronger parties and try to follow weaker ones (including player)
  • Stealth affects range and chance of enemies noticing you


  • snow/ice tiles exist in battle
  • some tiles have effects that trigger at the start and end of each turn:
  • lava burns, water weakens, snow/ice slow


  • – 5 new tundra based species (in form of a new spirit. Unlockable as starting element)
  • – most mermaid type characters get a new special trait, making them stronger in water (Aquatic: (can’t be engaged in water) restore 2 ap at the start of a turn, when in water)
  • – changed the seedling monster form to fit more to evolving into a dragon
  • – 2 new unique characters
  • – species/characters have growth modifier for each stat (characters don’t lose specialisation at higher levels)
  • – generally lowered stat growth/levels are less important. lv-type is less extreme
  • – easier to inherit leveltype (50%)


  • – can easily switch character roles during home-sextraining
  • – can select an amount of resources to always keep after coming back from a portal
  • – can view progress towards stat increases (level tooltip)
  • – partyprep inventory acts more like the ow-inventory
  • – currently useable consumables are highlighted


  • – more closeup sexanimations/pics
  • – vaguely fitting ones are shown in individual sextraining (can be toggled off)
  • – some new events
  • – sped up some animations (lv-up, fucking non-enemies…)
  • – party strength now shows roughly estimated power of your team, to compare to enemies
  • – strength from items doesn’t affect resource collecting effectivenes, but you generally get more


  • – can’t use summoned characters for rituals. Can’t fuse two summoned characters together
  • – exp required is no longer based on size
  • – basic mermaids start with a create water skill, but less mana.
  • – mindcontrol works 100% and is cheaper, but only works on weakened characters

Noteworthy bugfixes:

  • – slimesense/scout didn’t work
  • – slimespeed reduced speed
  • – enemy creatures could seduce, if they somehow had high ldmg
  • – evo-core/eyebrows weren’t set to the selected one when opening the window
  • – bloodfairies weren’t set to lv 1
  • – some wrong evolution lines for spirits

Generally a lot of experimental changes that require some feedback.

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Honestly, I played the prior patch for about 40 hours and enjoyed the hell out of it. The missions can be really irritating at times because I like to focus on a lot of freeplay aspects of the game, but all and all this game is awesome, and I appreciate… Read more »


So i have a question why cant i play on freeplay for example i took male beastwoman and insect woman then i load world and … 1758 sec later i gave up cause it was not loading am i the only one in this trouble or are there any other… Read more »

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

If you took out the battles completely, this would be a decent explore, fuck, make new species game. Spore with fucking. With the stupid quests the King gives you, and the random battles that wipe you out constantly, its just a chorefest. I played this over a year ago and… Read more »

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

how do you open it wont work for me

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

The a lot of potential here for a great game. But it needs a lot more playtesting to be more than just frustrating. The difficulty of battles is entirely to random. Most of the portals seem to require your entire team to be mermaids, and if you try to explore… Read more »