Portals of Phereon

Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

There are 3 different maincharacters (female, male, futa) with a different set of abilities/ goals etc.
There will be a lot of base species
(currently 10 (Beast, Centaur, Harpy, Succubus, Mermaid, Plant,Insect, Lavagirl,Lizard and a Light Creature))
and ALL possible combinations as hybrids as your characterpool to recruit from/ breed.
(+ some special hybrids with more than 2 bases)
Npcs will mostly be variants of those species or completely unique ones.

Go through randomly generated Portals, discovering/ recruiting new Species, finding interesting items/ events etc. and bring your rewards back home.
Some portals may need flying characters etc. to access.
The overworld map is also tile based.

Turn based on a tile map with permadeath. Characters have a lot of unique abilities, passives based on species. First all your characters act then all enemy characters. To make permadeath/injuries in this system not too frustrating, ranged abilities are very limited so enemies couldnt just focus all their attacks on one of your characters, instantly killing it. Instead characters are able to seduce others from far away, increasing their lust. While their lust is above 50% they get a lot worse (take double dmg, deal half etc.), so “ranged” characters still have a big influence on the game while not feeling too unfair. At 100% lust characters cant do anything except masturbate/fuck, effectively stunning them for a round.
mana and hp never regen naturally and the gametime passes during combat, making every single battle important, forcing you to think about how you want to prioritize your ressources (hp, mana, time, characters, etc.). (I always hate completely meaningless filler battles in games).

Breed your characters’ traits/stats to create a team specially tailored to your playstyle and/or portal environments or to prepare for certain fights/fullfill requests etc.

fight in arenas
train your characters/your sexSkills and put them to use in the brothel
build upgrades etc.
do quests/ interact with npcs

Sex Scenes:
They will mostly be Image slideshows with descriptions etc. (maybe sometimes animated)
There will be a lot of random events that occur based on your party/ biome/ rng etc.
Npcs will have more complex scenes where you have a lot of choices.
I try to have everything porn related to also have gameplay consequences, so seeing sexScenes etc. is not the reward in itself, otherwise it would feel weird to be punished for it gameplay-wise.

Developer: Syvaron – PatreonDiscordWiki
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Anal sex, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa, Trans, Futa protagonist, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Strategy, Text-based, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Portals of Pheroeon.exe” to start playing.

If you are moving your saves to a newer version, only the unlockables.sav is compatible. The file goes in the saveData folder with your saves. You can find the folder in the Data folder for the game.



  • Actually all uniques can now be selected as main character (including town npcs etc.)
  • All unique characters have some bonus when used as maincharacter.
  • Gallery keeps track of which uniques you’ve won with already.
  • 4th maincharacter has their own companion and some story stuff/events.
  • new special unique character that is the default 4th maincharacter:
  • More specific tutorial/starting guide.
  • Various starting bonuses.
  • 4th maincharacters have access to some skills to adapt, generally focused on terrain manipulation.
  • Removed the alternate loss condition of druid based on reputation. All characters now lose based on failed kings quests.
  • Druid gets doubled relation with the king instead.
  • Added access to gallery from character creation, allowing you to select 4th maincharacter easier.


  • more events
  • Events generally interact more with cards and score.
  • New status effect that increases all score gain after climax.
  • Score from casual cards lowered.


  • more events
  • can trigger a basic brothel shift once/day triggering various events/guests to serve with rewards based on sex skills.
  • Removed stat bonuses for starting element selection.
  • Removed month/week/season. Now ui shows days based on game length.
  • Also shows kings quest timer and some reminders for special portals in top.
  • “wild” modifier adds a random creature instead of 2 plants.
  • If you only use bonus traits/profession, you get some extra starter points.
  • some town event uniques can be recruited instantly after having them unlocked in the gallery.
  • Many small changes.


  • Starting quest for short runs is 6 days. (quests for day 6, 10, 14)
  • Cheaper uses for workforce.
  • Final mission is open for less time after reaching your game length.
  • All basic spirits/seedlings have +2 speed to always have some utility.
  • Changed some difficulty/hostility scaling based on game lengths.
  • Rival power more consistently reflects their power. Also have fixed amounts of spirits based on power.
  • Rivals are generally stronger. power affects their own stats more.
  • more varied enemy compositions (few stronger or more weaker enemies possible)
  • Eggmastery caps at 100. Angel/Demon potential can’t increase above max level, but are cheaper.
  • Changed some numbers for difficulty modifiers.
  • Final mission is open for less time.

Noteworthy bugfixes:

  • Couldn’t do some achievements that require winning in freeplay.
  • free play special portals had wrong/unclear thresholds.
  • Girata was bugged.
  • Dunecasters didn’t spawn.
Rating: 3.9/5. From 115 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Pretty fun, lots of things to explore everywhere.
Some mecanics are a bit cryptic tho, and the save buttons seem to do nothing. I used both regular saves and quick saves, not only does the supposedly created files don’t keep the name, but they also don’t load (even when holding ctrl as the game tells you). The quicksave just says “no QuickSave exists” even after you quicksaved. If anyone finds how to make those work, it’d be nice. The game seems interesting, but it’s a bother having to keep it open for the entire run.

Anonymous Fapper

May have found the issue. Game was creating save folder on the desktop, so the game couldn’t find the save path. Might be caused by unrecognised characters in the installation folder name.

Anonymous Fapper

the mechanics are fun if only it was open world capture all type of game
the king quests kill this game for me
they make little sense its only a time crunch towards a bad ending on every playthrough


futa freaks


Clearly a lot of game mechanics, and a lot of math put into them.

Problem is that the mechanics aren’t intuitive. The interface is pretty but the amount information given to the player at once is way too much. I was constantly in a state of uncertainty of whether I was progressing or not.

If I was part of the development team, I’d vote to simplify and remove some of the customization/options available. Or at least lock them behind game-milestones (let the players get the hang of the basics and the fundamental options of the game).

For immediate fixes, this game would really benefit from a Tutorial PDF. The concept of the game is simple enough, but the interface-controls are a monster.

Anonymous Fapper

I agree for the most part, tho I don’t think there’s too many customization options. The milestones idea, why not, but removing them entirely would be a shame.


Game in itself is good, if you like ‘mediumly complex’ game mechs. It’s a turn based strategy game. If you’re looking for ero mainly, this won’t do for you.
This could REALLY be sold without ero on the market for the gameplay. Add decent ero arts and add a storyline and this can be one of the best h-games.