Princess in the Tower

In the game Princess In The Tower you step into the shoes of a goblin enslaved under the malevolent witch and you are forced to prevent the marriage of a princess. The princess is protected in the tower and bound there until her wedding day.

The princess makes you her servant. However, she faces a slew of problems, including weight gain from the cakes, sleepless nights due to haunting apparitions, and discomfort from a tight belt cinched around her waist.
Can you solve her problems? Will you obey the witch and interfere with true love?

Or will you seize control of your destiny?

Developer: X-Dew – PatreonItchTwitter | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, 2D Game, Adventure, Animated, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Goblin, Groping, Footjob, Monster, Male protagonist, Rpg, Sandbox, Trainer

Extract and run.


New Items:

  • Iron Ingot
  • Iron Sword (can be used as a pickaxe)
  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Nails
  • Iron Wheel
  • Cake Enchantments: White Surprise, Yellow Surprise
  • Golden Plug
  • Purification Elixir

Map Changes:

  • Significantly decreased distances between profession rooms and dungeon rooms.

New Locations:

  • Kingdom of Eldoria (Queen’s Chamber)
  • Milking Room
  • Dungeon’s Depth (Golden Room) (Petrified Room)

New Content:

  • Bath Together: with options for Washing the princess/Pee –> Punishment.
  • Chest Massage (Boobjob)
  • Inserting the golden accessory into the giant’s ass
  • Deal with the Wicked Queen (Blackmail)

Game Progress:

  • You can now repair the cart and travel to the Kingdom of Eldoria.
  • With Iron Boots, you can venture to the deepest dungeon, also requiring a strength potion.
  • You can steal the Heart Key from the Wicked Queen and blackmail her.


  • Corrected Annabelle’s position and duplication during the second meeting with Victoria
  • Wait action spot during midnight is no longer visible
  • Adjusted White Surprise functionality: It can now decrease Cum Intolerance to 80
  • Fixed the issue where dungeon doors weren’t displaying correctly without the required key
  • Fixed an issue with learning Purification Elixir
  • First-time handjob now results in a decrease of Dignity by 3
  • First-time footjob now results in a decrease of Dignity by 3
  • Cake prank now leads to a decrease in Dignity by 5
  • Blowjob now requires having 90 or less Dignity.

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