The action of the game takes place in the near future. The year 2025. The main character Dan – a young man who just recently graduated from the university majoring in “Organic Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”.

It would seem a great profession, but our hero can not decide what to do next. I’m sure you can help him make up his mind! He is surrounded by different people, among them, there are close friends, and some even closer than he thought. The sudden incident will make our hero wake up from “hibernation” and become a real man, who is ready to do anything to achieve his goal.

Project ATMOSPHERE Trailer

Developer: Dr. MAD – Patreon | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Sci-fi, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Female domination, Animated, Big tits, Romance, Stripping, BDSM, Creampie, Incest

1. Extract and run.

v0.3 P3

  • More than 1350+ new static renders.
  • 6920 lines of code.
  • 2110 lines of story text.
  • 12 new rewards renders.
  • 67 new animations.
  • 4 new BIOS pics.
  • 1 New characters.

As well:

  • Susan’s kinky event at Club XXX (Day 17)
  • Susan’s vanilla event, at the spa. (Day 17)
  • A story event with Amy and a new character. (Day 17)
  • A date at a restaurant with Monica. (Day 18)
  • A Date with Phoebe on the Beach. (Day 19)
  • Some changes and improvements to the interface

Content Changed

incest patch


Patch Instructions

Patch installation: Just copy “i_init.rpa” file in to the “game” folder, of the game distributive.
Have a nice day!

Rating: 3.8/5. From 216 votes.
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Site admins ought to make a tag “Games made by Devs that have a basic grasp of English” ‘cos this was fkn unreadable. I got as far as the first fuck scene and decided it wasn’t worth the effort.


This game is fantastic. Thank you for this game, I like the phoebe character very much. I am looking forward to the next update. 🙂


Can anyone please give me full unlocked scene gallery “persistent”

Anonymous Fapper

6.84 GB??? nah, lol


yeah, either each version is super massive full of content, or something is wrong for it to be V3 and almost 7gb

Anonymous Fapper

compressed version is like 1/10 of that.

Anonymous Fapper

She remind of my sister

Answer Me

in a good way or bad way?

Anonymous Fapper

is there a good way???