The Seven Realms

For four hundred years Atlas (name can be changed) has tried to maintain a semblance of peace throughout the realm.
Since the death of their Queen and a great apathy seized their king, it fell to Atlas, the prince of the vampires, to restore the order. So when he smells an unfamiliar scent that should not have been amongst a party of humans, he goes to investigate and meets Leyala.
Leyala seems to be hiding something and by trying to undercover what, Atlas starts a chain of events that will cause them to venture across The Seven Realms.

The Seven Realms Trailer

Developer: SeptCloudGames –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Romance, Harem, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Fantasy, Handjob


  • 500 New Images
  • 7 New Animations
  • 4 New Trophies
  • 2 New Gallery Entries
  • Fixed an issue where some gallery entries were showing in the incorrect order.
  • Updated the glossary with new wording.
  • Fixed some typos from previous versions.
Rating: 3.1/5. From 336 votes.
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Mr. Bigglesworth

The developers really put a lot of effort into writing this game & developing a deep immersive world. The storyline is captivating…This isn’t one of those quick skip pass the dialogue to get to a wank-worthy scene type of game. The Graphics are top tier, the characters are memorable and the animation scenes are smooth. What I will say though, there is quite a bit of dialogue so if you don’t like to read I wouldn’t recommend.

Anonymous Fapper

This is more of a visual novel to me than a game. It’s not bad

Anonymous Fapper

I can’t even get a proper review these days, insults all over the place ,I guess I’ll just download and see for myself

Anonymous Fapper

ill also do the same…

Anonymous Fapper

How many hours gameplay is there right now?

pussy lover

Honestly I can’t see why all the hate for this game, the story is good, the girls are hot and the updates are often. Most of the complaints make no sense here either. Why did you download this game it the 1st place if you not looking for a story and romance? Really makes no sense even more so cause this is a really good game compared to a lot of the crap that is around and I know I’m going to be hated for this but so happy it has no NTR and cuck stuff and the girls are not total sluts who are supposed to be virgins. Hmmm,,,,,, I would of preferred a FMC though just saying  :wpds_wink:   :wpds_wink:  but the dude is pretty descent for a man whore unlike most games around


Stop pretending to be some rando poster you dumb cunt. And make better / less boring games. Thanks.

pussy lover

Hehehe so now I’m the dev? If I was it would be a FMC and have only lesbian content cause I like pussy and not dicks but come on really do you have any brains? I’ve been posting on quite a few games here and calling out all the cucks and NTR lovers for hiding behind those tags instead of just admitting they love dicks cause why else would any straight man want to see so many dicks in games??? So to be clear I am not the dev who makes this game or any game. Don’t believe me, not my problem!

Anonymous Fapper

Dicks in pussy is great two women are boring as all hell..

Anonymous Fapper

you can keep licking the dev butt untill he give you his poop

pussy lover

Seriously why are so many guys such ignorant fools? I Like the game said why I like it and that makes me a suck up or apparently the dev??? I can’t stand trolls just talking threw their asses cause the have no lives or any brains to do anything else. Read carefully, ” I liked the game and I said why I liked it which is my opinion which is my right as an individual.” The tag clearly say romance and the overview clearly say’s vampires but yet you still download it and complain

Anonymous Fapper

You prefer female MC… maybe you are girl or male gay… porn for girls is boring for males. Fapnation, porn site. Withouth porn, any game is shit here. Try enter in a soccer forum to talk about cricket. Hate too. Probably in some vampire fórum (to especific audience), this game can be fantastic. For the average player of a porn site, game with no porn is always 1-2 star. In “cell phone play store” have 5.000 romantic games with 4-5 stars. Without porn.

pussy lover

Not sure what you on about when this game does have sex in it and the animation is pretty good. So if I’m male I must be gay cause I want a FMC which will mean no dicks in this game cause there is inly 1 in this game and it’s the MC’s ( so wanting to see more pussy makes a man gay?? INTERESTING) Anyway I am female and a lesbian so yeah I would like the MC to be female here cause it has some hot women. And oh yes, you all download visual novels and then complain about reading?

Donald Trump

Cool story, faggot. Keep typing up 200 word essays nobody will read.

Donald Rumpf

Well, at least you did.

Joe Biden

Hang yourself with razor wire, faggot.

Anonymous Fapper

and for you a walker and sippy cup

les gal

Trump the gay cuck (everyone knows Trump is 1 of the biggest cucks and full on gay, it’s a known fact) always going around talking about long comments and calling people faggots. Dude has some serious issues I’m starting to believe you are the real deal, only he can by such a huge hypocrite


A known fact? Are you fucking stupid.