Pure Love

You play as an adult. Experience love, innocence, romance. Join the adventure of MC and achieve the ultimate harem.​

Developer: Mr.Axxx – PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Kinetic novel, Male protagonist, Romance, Voyeurism, Virgin, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Harem, Mobile game

1. Extract and run.

Added Day 6 Evening & night to the game.
Added 5 High-quality Animations.
Added 175+ Renders.
Added 1 new image to the gallery.
And many more.

Rating: 3.5/5. From 390 votes.
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Lovely models (exaggerated breasts and everything), short but likeable animations. This is just the ultimate male wish-fulfilment fantasy: The “plot”, such as it is, is completely preposterous, cause that’s totally like human beings behave. 😉 Some bad English, no mysteries to solve. It’s all sex, and good at that.

Anonymous Fapper

I think everyone should try it. This vn is something else, not just bad, it’s EPIC bad…
Think about it, only 300MB of download to experience something EPIC! Pretty good deal imho 🙂
Even if you’re a lazy reader, their facial expressions will make your day, hehe.
Oh yea, should i mention, after a few initial scenes they fuck almost all the time. And graphics actually improve over time. But the writing stays EPIC.

Anonymous Fapper

Not bad

Anonymous Fapper

Would have been nice to have more options instead of just a rant off pissed off woman. If you are going to have mini games in it then allow some kind of choices. Why is it that all of the Dev have to have women with unrealistic breasts? And MC’s with porn star dicks. Until you can IMPROVE the play quality of the game I suggest the Dev retire from making any kind of game.

Anonymous Fapper

Some dumbasses just cannot comprehend the meaning of KINETIC NOVEL.

Anonymous Fapper

The cover photo for this is so fucking retarded. It looks like a whole family of Downs victims.

Anonymous Fapper

and that would be pretty accurate description of what you can expect playing this..