Pure Love

You play as an adult and you are enjoying your summer break. And you never thought summer will be this good. And you get visitors to your home. And those girls fell in love with you.
Come join the love journey of our hero and discover how he fell in love and how girls love him. Discover the story of love where you will be touched by feelings, love, emotions, romance, and sex.
So, now you are wondering what’s the name of the game?
Its “Pure Love”.​

Developer: Mr.Axxx – PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Kinetic novel, Male protagonist, Romance, Voyeurism, Virgin, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Harem, Mobile game

1. Extract and run.

v1.0 Specials
3 High-quality Animations.
25+ Renders.

Added Day 6 morning to the game.
Added 2 High-quality Animations.
Added 120+ Renders.
Added 4 new images to the gallery.
And many more.

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

The writing is horrible.. Its not just that the spelling is bad, but its really hard to follow what the creator is trying to say. Also the renders are pretty out of date, and some of the animations are straight out hilariously bad. Beside that, i kinda like the models, their features are abit too much but they are decently pretty and the idea of the story is good, atleast as far as i got.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

I thought the images were pretty with weird angles.
Then I started playing the game. The character models are just monstrous at times with over-exaggerated everything.
Photo hunt lives in the uncanny valley and makes it work
This game lives in the uncanny valley and disturbs me.

So I’m definitely going to keep playing.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Okay… but this writing is rough.
Tip for the creator if he comes snooping through. Writing is about curating a good experience for the audience. It is not your journal or where you expound on several characters contrived reasons for being insecure as fuck all

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Any android user whose update of 0.6.1 is working of 2.15gb or is it waste of time

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

NO WASTE of time at all bro, everything works now.
Cheers, i hope this is of help bro.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Going from 0.6.1 to 1.0?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Dnt waste ur time with this. Story is so bad and not natural