Quarantine Libido

Welcome to ‘Quarantine Libido’! Here you are an unemployed immigrant ready to stir up some excitement in his locked-down apartment building. As the authorities tighten their grip on a strange pandemic, join in a hilarious journey of self-discovery, unexpected friendships, and the pursuit of love/fun during these lockdown times.

Can you turn your confined space into a paradise? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind visual novel full of humor, wit, and surprising twists.​

Developer: Athycus – PatreonTwitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Humor, Animated, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Point & click, Sex toys, Teasing

Extract and run.

Developer Note:
Hello, I hope you enjoy this little slice of the game. We are actively working on episodic releases and implementing numerous improvements. Have fun, and don’t forget to visit our links if you wish to support the development.


Demo release

Rating: 1.6/5. From 44 votes.
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Great! The ultimate rainbow groomer fantasy. Being a fat retarded slob with a harem of dick girls. It’s not tagged yet but the dev has confirmed trannies are incoming, and the rainbow vermin class them as girls because it would be offensive to queers to class them as guys?

Anonymous Fapper

The fat black MC will be cucked by a futa boy/girl.

Anonymous Fapper

makes sense why y’all racist trash bags are on here complaining about bbc. A fucking shame, projection is a real thing lmao why did I have to be born white with the rest of these pigs

Anonymous Fapper

Black are racist.
Black are cry babies.
But you always can suck your dad dick. When you go to prision visit him.

Anonymous Fapper

dev should remove the nigger model and I will give 5 stars

Anonymous Fapper

bruh why you’re racist? Seriously, If you shut up and stop being racist, I’ll give all the females in your family a “Great Time of their life”

Anonymous Fapper

don’t bother he’ll find a school to release his anger on

Anonymous Fapper

Fapnation we got a racist person. Are y’all now allowing racism in the game’s comments?
Come on Fapnation, you do better than that.

Anonymous Fapper

The bigger racist here have 1k comments asking for BBC racist content in all games.
Probably you never saw. Right???

Or you are hypocrite of team
“Black lives matter. White lives don’t”???

Anonymous Fapper

I have been to this site for almost a decade. I have seen those comments asking about BBC. But there’s nothing wrong with BBC content in these games. The more diversity there is, the better. Of course, I know that DEVs don’t come here. It’s the reason why those comments are ignored.

Who said that ” White Lives don’t matter?’ All LIves matter. Black Lives Matter, Asian Lives Matter. White Lives Matter too. Don’t add words to saying that aren’t there. That’s how problems arise in the first place. Only the idiot will believe that “Black Lives Matter. White lives don’t” is a thing when it’s not.

Anonymous Fapper

Why not a white MC then??? Diversity work to both sides.
Let player choose the MC. If white or black.
Then diversity.

Ask to BBC is 100% racist. If MC is white.
Ask to BWC is 100% racist too. If MC is black.

But you are hypocrite. Then cry more little baby.

Try say “White lives matter in the streets” and you will be killed.

“White Power” = “Racist”
“Black Power” = “Not Racist”

Its always hypocrisy. Grow up little boy.

Anonymous Fapper

First of all, it’s not racist, if people ask for either a Black or White MC when you are playing as the opposite. People just ask those things because they want to immerse themselves in the game. I’m gonna ask you a question, what was the difficult task you’ve done in your life that you won’t do again? I’m not a developer, but trying to get the MC to be either Black or White, allowing the players to choose is not easy. Just imagine copying and pasting all those images and animations, just to change the skin tone of the MC. It is easier said than done. But it’s not easy you gotta rewrite the coding to pick up those new images for the game. Then they gotta make sure it doesn’t bug out and accidentally swap your skin tone midway in-game. Dude just shut up and get a life, rather than spending it on here counting all those 1k comments about asking for BBC Content. The stupidest and Immature thing I read is “White lives matter in the streets”

Anonymous Fapper

First poster ask to white MC… in a trash post. “Remove nigger MC (to replace with white MC)”.

Then “Racist”

But if you are asking for ANOTHER COLOUR MC or NPC politically or aggressively is “RACIST” too. BBC or BWC… Racist too.

White or Black Power racist both. Or not racist both.
You never can tell “White power is racism” but “Black power is not racist”

But racist polician or agressive racist.

“Its racist if its AGAINST ME. It’s not racist if it favors me.”
This is IMMATURE. Hipocrisy.

Anonymous Fapper

You have a problem. I’ll recommend you go to a Therapist. Why? You don’t even know the definition of “Racist’ and “hypocrisy.”
Do you think it’s racist when someone asks for an MC of a different skin color? It’s not. Racism is more when you can’t stand a race. So you become oppressive towards them The one who gets punished is the Racist. You shout the N-word on the streets of Compton Los Angeles. You get raped, tortured, and possibly killed, and leave you in the middle of the streets. The same can be said for calling a Jap to the Japanese, or Wetback to the Mexicans. Probably Mexicans will decapitate you. You’re making a big ole’ fuss about this MC, what if he’s not black maybe he’s Arabian or Brazilian, or Indian? Either way, whether you want a Black Mc or nor, it’s not gonna happen. Learn to develop and maybe revolutionize your own game featuring a Black MC.

Anonymous Fapper

You resist to the prison. You get killed too. And after that, another bandits scream “bandit lives matter”

Anonymous Fapper

And have 1 black guy than copied the same message aasking for BLACK MC in 20 or 30 game pages. And surprise surprise you don’t go cry right because he ask to black MC.

Then you support him. Hipocrisy again.

Anonymous Fapper

there is a million white mc’s just shut the fuck up, it shows you need these games to feel better about yourself its fucking hilarious.

Anonymous Fapper

Racist AGAIN
“a million of white MC. I Hate white MC”

Because you are RACIST.

10-15% of people are black. Thats why have MORE WHITE MC GAMES

90%+ are straight. Thats why have more straight content.

And if you WANT ASK for BLACK MC = Your choice.
But don’t cry if anyone ask for WHITE MC.

Its a SAME SHlT.

Anonymous Fapper

Racist – a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people based on their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. S, you’re saying that all these Devs who use White MC are racist, They refuse to use Black MCs, so the Black community now feels attacked or offended by it. I liked how you bitch about hating white MC asking for Black MC, like how a spoiled kid wants his candy pop.

Either way I’m done, why? Because first of all, the OG Commenter ask for the “Nigger Model to be removed.” So the person must be a White person who hates BBC and wants either the Black MC or Black Female in the game to be removed or both. That’s total fucking rude.
I support diversity all the way. So “All Lives Matter” “All Wildlife Matter” “All Plants Life Matter” and “All Marine Life Matter” Even “ALL Farts Matter” too

Anonymous Fapper


If you are black and not racist, go complain with people than scream:

Try be “anti racist” only when is convenient for “your personal interest”, is pathetic.

And when any DEV create a black MC, SUPPORT.
Because if 15% black people (7-8 male / 7-8% female). 35% brown people. And 50% white people. Its much more harder get support if only 15% (or 8% black male) of potential players.

Same thing worth to gay people (4-5% of world). If you love gay games, support 100% gay games. And stop of pushing gay content in straight games. BBCuck shlt for insecure gays on closet little boys.

Anonymous Fapper

Great potencial!!!!!! Keep updating!

Anonymous Fapper

Is there a big market for playing as a middle-aged, overweight immigrant?

Anonymous Fapper

Maybe in Samoa?