Tales of a Dream Life Harem

One day, space-time ripped open.
All thanks to the archangel of lust.
Bored of always seeing the same things, wished to create a perfect world.
But she made a small error. It just happened to condemn millions of girls from different times, and universes.
Who, without prior warning, were teleported to a new world and stripped (of their powers)”
meaning that even though some of these women were equal to God himself, they couldn’t leave after having been dragged here against their will.
Some men had also been teleported.
But again, due to a small error from that archangel again,
every man who arrived, turned into a monster, causing the world to spiral into chaos.
The archangel, who had also fallen victim to her creation,
used her final embers of power to create salvation.

First, she made an energy barrier, allowing the women to be safe from the men.
The next thing she made was a savior. Well, something along those lines. Since she was running on fumes by that point,
All she could do was make a sacred commandment, that would instill the power of the sacred seed within one man inside the domain of Adam and Eve.
That would allow him to travel to the new world and avoid the same fate as the other men.
Not to mention he’d be able to restore the powers of women… who he makes love to…
And like that, a man named (here is your name), an everyman, obtained, without realizing it
the hero’s power. One that would allow him to take charge of a wonderful harem.

Developer: kraguto games – Patreon | Discord | itch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Gore, Tentacles, Fantasy, Parody, School setting, Monster girl, Titfuck, Big tits, Animated, Handjob, Footjob, Parody, urination, anal sex, humor, Female masturbation, mobile game

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Talesofadreamlife.exe” to start playing.

Chapter 1

Well. After so many inconveniences, TALES OF A DREAM LIFE is finally back. From now on known as TALES OF A DREAM LIFE HAREM.

This is so far the biggest update I have ever created. Well, the reboot. Since I have seen and version 0.1 of tales of a dream life normal. It had 306 images. You will say. Well it’s not that much difference. But yes, there is a difference because half of those images were to create the animations (animations created with about 10 images (now in Tales of a dream life harem). The animations from the beginning will be more fluid, each animation is equivalent to more than 220 images. So. Multiply 78×220 and you will say. Shit, this is going to weigh choprocientas gigas, the poor kraguto will take 13 years to upload all that. Don’t worry, it won’t. Each animation is equivalent to 220 or more images, but weighs in many cases about 6 megabytes (some weigh more and some less).

Good. Tales of a dream life Harem. It has been created from scratch. No images or scripts from the original Tales of a dream life Harem are used. Also, most of the girls have been replaced by more attractive versions. Also, the main character has lost a couple of kilos (to tell the truth, creating the animations is more difficult with a chubbier character, the change is made so that some x-positions can be included without merging the girls with the main character ……….). It’s hard enough with the breast sizes, so I either made all the girls flat or took a couple of kilos off the hero. Although, I want you to know. He won’t be muscular)

The English version has been translated by the great kudoshin.

this chapter. contains

490 images+37 credit images

78 animations (almost all xxx)

and a lot of words. i won’t count them….

Rating: 3.7/5. From 183 votes.
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Now I see why I don’t download these anime cartoon games. This game is complete garbage, makes no sense and just all around stupid. The art is so fucked the MC has multiple images of different people. Would rate this trash negative stars if possible.

Anonymous Fapper

How can you play 3D games and not like anime? Like, what? I’m not talking about this game, but you basically made it sound like anime sucks. Baka! Hentai!

Anonymous Fapper

People like you are what makes me ashamed of being part of the anime community

Just shut the fuck up, seriously, shut up

Anonymous Fapper

is this a continuation version that starts where the last version left off? cuz all saves are broken for me with this version

Anonymous Fapper

Bro whats this android link has only 77 mb


weebest shit i ever seen

Anonymous Fapper

30 seconds worth content. If you press skip it litarally ends in 30 seconds..