Royal Switch

In the game Royal Switch two people are born the same day, but in very different circumstances. One is a Princess, born to rule. The other is a peasant, born to live in obscurity. They live very different lives, until one day their fates collide, and they meet, only to discover that they are identical in (almost) every way! What would happen if they switched places?

Wait…you say you have heard this story? Like, 100 times? Okay, but this version includes some elements that a certain classic of American literature lacks, including: Elves! Sex! Talking Cats! Training! Corruption! Romance! Intrigue! Uh…Talking Cats!

I created this story, in part, to explore the related but distinct genres of training and corruption. How are they similar? How are they different? Most importantly, how do they look from the perspective of the object of the training or corruption?

Join us as peasant Esther and Princess Brigitte embark on parallel adventures to find their true selves!

Developer: DeepBauhaus – PatreonItch | Subscribestar | Twitter | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, female protagonist, multiple protagonist, big tits, big tits, fantasy, adventure, monster, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, group sex, groping, monster girl, mobile game

Extract and run.


Esther’s Story: In Which Esther Finds Herself Going Rather Further


–Esther’s “Fearless” path: Esther continues her training by getting a little “hands on,” and by spending the day with a rather intimate distraction.

–Esther’s “Timid” path: Our heroine is feeling a bit lost. None other than Titus offers support. And who is this nephew of his? He is very different than his uncle…

–New side story, “Risky Business,” starring He’Thar.

–Plot developments featuring He’Thar, Cassandra and Saturna, Jonquil, and the Golden Serpent.

–A major re-write of the “Puppy play” scene from Brigitte’s Story, Chapter 3 Act 6 (aka version 0.08). This rewrite addresses story flow and character motivation issues. I expect that it will break any saves made during that scene. Earlier saves should be fine. Later saves seem to work, but you might want to go back anyway to see what is different.

–Statistics:: 4,668 words of dialogue (74,350 words total); about 400 new renders; two new patrons’ gallery images.



This update fixes some relatively minor bugs, including:

–The updated Stats screen allowed mouse clicks to affect the regular game screen

–Missing and misidentified images

–Wonky music transitions

–Ongoing issues with triggering achievements and replays



  • Chapter 3, Acts 5 and 6
  • A standalone history chapter: “Death of a Queen”
  • Clearly identified tracks: “Submissive” and “Bratty” for Brigitte; “Fearless” and “Timid” for Esther.
  • Esther comes to terms with her exhibitionist side.
  • Brigitte engages in a little puppy play and has a decision to make.
  • Esther gets on stage with a little backup.
  • Brigitte learns how to maximize her tips and has a chance to help out a friend.
  • Bruno plots out a course of action.
  • Cassandra gets a new look.
  • Georges uses his magic.
  • Changed the scoring of the first two Brigitte tasks (“Clean Your Room” and “Clean the Barracks”) from Chapter 3, Act 1. This creates a bigger difference between the “sub” and “bratty” choices at that point in the game.
  • Expanded Statistics screen with onscreen access button (Note: access button appears to work only with new games, not previous saves).
  • NEW ANDROID CONVERSION! I finally gave up and subcontracted out the Android version to someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Note: Version 0.08.1 is the first public release. It includes fixes for bugs found in v. 0.08.
  • 10,545 words, 1251 dialogue blocks
  • (Total of 69,682 words and 7,954 dialogue blocks)

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