Late one night a vulnerable young girl knocks on your door. She’s run away from her boyfriend, she’s run away from college, she’s run away from her old life, and now she’s fallen into your lap. What you do with her is your choice alone. You can be cruel or kind, you can give her respect, love, or lust. You can pat her head or grope her for your own pleasure. But keep in mind she just might run away from you too.​

Developer: Dirty Secret Studio – Patreon | Blog
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Romance, HandJob, Vaginal sex, Spanking, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Corruption, Creampie, Mobile game

Extract and run.

– Bug Fixes

– Bug Fixes
– Added Dates
– Locations: Hiking, Bistro
– Added: Anal Sex
– Added scene: Hiking Stripping
– Added scene: Bistro Tease
– Added job: Boutique Assistant
– Added scene: Boutique Assistant Training
– Added minigame: Pussy Grope (with Multiple Orgasm and Orgasm Denial endings)
– Added new items: Magic Wand, Butt Plug, Anal Beads (available at Boutique)
– Moved Riding Crop item to Boutique
– Added illustrations for Diner Command Scenes
– Added scene: Diner Quickie

Rating: 2.9/5. From 112 votes.
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The android version comes with the game Confidence in it also. Both games are ok. Have potential.

But the gameplay mechanics and the artwork are all just so bad. Can only hope someone else can remake the whole thing.

Got bored playing with both games after a while. Just giving it a 4/10.

Older fapper

I played through to Day 75 and got bored because the game turned into a daily routine with not much happening outside of it. The girl was cute and the sex animations okay. Just not much of a story. Never found out why she was being hunted by the two guys one of whom claimed to be her father. 

Time to move on…

Anonymous Fapper

Good games? I can try android plz

Anonymous Fapper

Maybe “try” to learn English.

Anonymous Fapper

maybe “try” to pull your head out of your own ass.

Anonymous Fapper

of the 7.8 billion people in the world only about 360 million speak English as a first language. maybe you should “try” to expand your horizons outside of your boring little podunk world.

Anonymous Fapper

How about this…the ones who can’t speak proper English stay in their part of the online world that caters to their language. Problem solved.

Or maybe if they live in western countries they can get off their lazy asses and goto the free government funded ESL classes instead of living here 30 years and not learning a word of it. Fuck off.

Anonymous Fapper

You’re on a fucking porn site, you dumb shit.

Anonymous Fapper

i don’t get why devs think anyone wants a grind fest like this, sheesh.

Totally not that healer who bailed on you.

Very often it seems to be compensation for lack of talent in writing.
NOT saying always. But very often it seems like you grind heavy and the story is crap.
Or its a creator with no vision or foresight into how to make a good story.

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah I agree the idea of this is ok, but there are many issues. The girl is not very attractive and at some points very bad. The goals are all over bad and why you do what you do is bad in general. The cleaning, eating etc is just stupid as it has nothing to do with the game or story. The game needs a re-do with a better plan. Suggestion is to draw out the sex and remove the stupid achievement meta.