Sins of Her Father

Everyone is different and special and the traits that make them different and special should be celebrated, at least that’s what they say as long as you are not too different or are the right kind of special. The protagonist of this game is the daughter of a wicked and deviant man named Abdel Amit. She also happens to be one of two identical twin sisters, and both of them are Futa’s. Ever since the two were born their father looked at them as though they were freak’s and made sure that they felt every bit of his disdain. Their father was both physically and verbally abusive to them as long as they could remember, however when they began to develop is when their father noticed that there were “redeeming” qualities to them and this is when the “other” type of abuse began. When she was sixteen years old however, her and her sister ran away from home and left him and her mother behind. They didn’t make the best choices in life and it may sound cliche but they eventually found their way into stripping and doing adult films, however, they had some success and was able to make a life for themselves in the city. Then they found their mother had come to their house in search of a place to stay. You see, Their father had finally gotten what he deserved and was now pushing daisies. Their mother however, was turned out into the street and was now forced to find her own way. Now it’s up to the player to decide if she is going to forgive her mother for not protecting them and sheltering them from their father’s abuse, or they can use this opportunity to get a little bit of revenge.

Developer: Nun Ya
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Futa, Trans protagonist, Oral sex, Incest, Milf, Anal Sex, Futa Sex, Bdsm, Multiple Choices, NTR, Sandbox

Rating: 2.2/5. From 214 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Trans is bullshit, just another word for mentally sick gay.

Older fapper

The twin sisters in this one are supposed to be “futa’s” or hermaphrodites and not transgenders. I viewed them as females with oversized clits and no balls who were just having lesbian action with other women. Yet, there is a scene in which one of the twins ejaculates through her clit while getting a bj from another female! I don’t think that’s possible.

Anyway, there’s a serious glitch in this game that, as you keep hitting the ignore button to try to get past it, puts you into a loop you can’t get out of. I gave the game ONE star and dumped it. Looks like it has potential but needs some serious debugging.

Anonymous Fapper

Hermafrodits can have (but not always) both sexual organs and can use them, but reproduction is an issue for them so Human Hermafrodits can reproduce as one of the genders, usually the female half. If they were “True” Hermafrodits they would be able to reproduce as both genders, there are stories about Hermafrodites being able to reproduce as both genders but not scientifically verified as we are talking about stories closer to myths and legends from eons ago.

Chimera Hermafrodites aka True Hermafrodites would not only have both sexual organs in working order, but also have sperm and ovums as one ball and one ovary in function, meaning they can reproduce as both genders. But some have oversized clits as you say with no ducts for sperm, so you are kinda right, it is more common over someone with both organs in working order, even if they cant reproduce as both.

Anonymous Fapper

men with tits are disgusting

Anonymous Fapper

Those faces, ugh. Like a frog mixed with Down Syndrome.

Anonymous Fapper

this game is shit. and the boring and ugly. and there is no choices. it’s like a game with no point at all or no sense!!!