Spirit Echoes - Caitsith

A Natural Spirit in a Place that still contains the Effect of a long-gone Succubus.

Welcome to Spirit Echoes – Caitsith

It’s a simple Erotic Game where you can explore an Island and look for Erotic Events. It has a simplified Combat. You run into Enemies and hit them automatically. If you run out of Action Points (AP) they’ll grab you. Your AP still regenerate during Grab Time. With enough AP a Counterstrike is possible. If you don’t have enough AP, you can delay the Enemy’s Action during Grap Time.

The Main Protagonist is Fan Art of one of the RPG Maker Assets. Huge Shout-Outs to my Friend Eros420_. He put way too much Effort into the Artworks for a Game like this. Please check out Eros420_’s Social Media Sites to help him grow as an Artist. Eros420_FacebookTwitterInstagram

Basic Information:

・Genre: Simplified Erotic Action RPG
・Operation on Keyboard
・Screen Size is 1280×720 px [16:9]
・Operating Environment conforms to RPG Maker MZ

Developer: RashRascal – Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D, Anime, BDSM, Cute, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, NSFW, RPG Maker

Unzip the folder.


A few small changes have been made and some more content has been added.

Changes & Fixes
– swapped item placements with heavy earrings & love bangle
– hint on buying the ship ticket in the tower
– hint on how to cross the desert at the entrance to the desert
– marker on the forest fire bowl when you got the spirit coal
– bugfix where the ship gets stuck on the beach (thx to MainGamer32)
– now for curse mode you need the respective item
– optionmenu changed volumeOffset 20 -> 5
– small UI changes
– add cat tail on h-scenes
– new additional dev door
– dev door unlocks curse mode trophies
– small changes in the dev room
– add links in the title screen

New Content
– snow town
– ice cave dungeon
– tower dungeon
– race betting minigame
– new h-scenes
– new traps
– new item that ignores all trap
– new cursed item
– new echo
– katana-tan

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