Summer of Love

2020, a new bright decade! At least that was what people thought. The virus destroyed everything. You lost your job as a yoga instructor. But it was lucky for you that another yoga center in a small town hired you. You moved there with your girlfriend, who was also a yoga instructor. One day, she asked you if you could let a guy work there with you. And your mother also asked you if you could let her boyfriend stay with you when she was busy helping people in the global pandemic. You could deny (Harem Route) or agree (Netorare Route) to let them join the story. But deny or not, you still could choose to swap couples (Swinging Route) with your new neighborhood. Your choices will take you to different endings.

Summer of Love contains:

Harem Route: make all women fall for you.
Girls-only Route: intimacies between girls with the possibilities that lead to MFF (Harem), Swinging or Orgy (Netorare) depends on your choices.
Swinging Route: have a new adventure with a couple in the neighborhood.
Netorare Route: see your girlfriend cheat on you (in the end, she’ll still live with you or not depends on your choices) and see other women fucked by the antagonists.

Developer: Captain Kitty – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Harem, Romance, Drama, Swinging, NTR, Voyeurism

Rating: 2.8/5. From 907 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

If you didn’t like it, that’s ok cause its made for faggots.

Anonymous Fapper

I gotta ask why you’d think a bundle of sticks would play any video game. Dumb jokes aside, the homophobic shit is getting old. If you bring that shit up without anything bringing up the topic, you might be a bit more gay than you’re willing to admit to yourself since your mind just goes to it. It’s okay to be gay, man. Just go get some good dick and enjoy life. You’ll be happier if you stop focusing on hating shit that doesn’t involve you so much. Guaranteed.

Anonymous Fapper

Some solid projection from you there. Both stunning and brave you’d be so open.

Anonymous Fapper

What are you whining for, bitch?

Same guy whi wrote the plot

Anonymous Fapper
9 months ago

For anybody curious the game has three routes: harem, faithful and ntr. If you read just the comments like I did you’d assume the game was ntr only, it isn’t, so I just thorught I’d let you know.
That doesn’t mean it’s good. The writing is… quite bad. There are animations but they get reused a lot, if that sort of thing is a factor for you.

Anonymous Fapper

Oh hey, you copied and pasted my comment! Nice. I spelt thought wrong though. How embarrassing.


Swinger club is not for me. Deleted.

Anonymous Fapper

Why the fuck that you downloaded it to begin with?

Wifey's Cucky booboo

YES BBC ooooof im so excited to play this im shaking my wife wants to to to play to

Anonymous Fapper

BBAss is better. I love cum in the black ass of my brother.

Anonymous Fapper

you female ??


2GB for 10 mins content

Anonymous Fapper

This bitch only pressed ‘skip’ without reading a single text in the game for sure.

Anonymous Fapper

The text is more like repetitive stupid daily shit,stupid animation more cuck content without any meaning or reason,girls are just whore not fucking 2 cent worth and will fuck with even a dead horse corpse.

Anonymous Fapper

If you read everything to know that, it would take more than 10 mins, bitch.