Take Over

Take Over is a game about corruption, where you need to be careful about being caught by the oppresive government. Mind control the people in town, use them and their influence in your favor, or put them to work to get resources and money, and finally take over.

Developer: Studio Dystopia – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Corruption, Incest, MILF, Mind control, Anal sex, Gay, Groping, Group sex, Handjob, Oral sex, Rape, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Mobile game, Moral degeneration, Dystopian setting

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TakeOver.exe” to start playing.

Gay and NTR content is optional.

Incest patch:
Overwrite script.rpy file inside your take over folder > game

Updating Old Saves:
To update old saves you need to make sure to save in your house. Once you do that, load the new version of the game and sleep once, that will auto update the game.


  • A total of 18 new scenes
  • Two new main story scenes, getting almost to the end of Sarah’s route.
  • Updated journal and bio for Dzenana
  • Four new sexy scenes for Dzenana, and another nine interactions (a few with public use versions too)
  • Fixed a few bugs and mistakes with the quest log.
Rating: 3.5/5. From 321 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Nice game if you use cheats. I wonder if the author knows they broke the game with the idea of countless combinations of body transformations. One threesome can be a combination of multiple pictures that need to be rendered. Not to mention foursomes. Keeping my fingers crossed for progress – current version 0.52 seems not to change much.


Can’t believe this game is still incomplete. Damn… Is the game creator dead?

Anonymous Fapper

I keep buying supplies but by the next morning they are all gone, are there any cheats to this game to help me play it better?

Anonymous Fapper

Never mind, I’ve found the cheats.

Anonymous Fapper

Where is the cheats

Anonymous Fapper

What’s the best way to always keep the suspicion low?

Anonymous Fapper

Never mind, I’ve found the cheats.

Anonymous Fapper

SPOILER WARNING: You get easily tricked by Vera, and end up being mind-controlled by her.

Anonymous Fapper

That is an event rather early in the plot, and for plot convenience reasons, the potion doesn’t seem to work the same way on you as it does others.

If you want to end up corrupting Vera, it is a good idea to work with Emma to start corrupting Luka and then Vera before taking over the PPF HQ. I’m not sure if you have to start a romance with Emma at some point, but I suspect (based on the plot I’ve seen) you might need to to keep her loyal to you.

What did the penis say to the condom?

It’s not really a spoiler, since it happens really early on!

Anonymous Fapper

Then later on, you get to have your revenge.