Tales from Afar

Life on planet Zeme has been going on happily for many centuries.
People enjoyed the fruits of technological and human development progress. Until one day, everything changed.
A Series of Renpy kinetic novels created for fun and entertainment and consists of short, unrelated stories.​

Developer: Nemiegs – PatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animated, bdsm, creampie, groping, humiliation, kinetic novel, male domination, monster, ntr, sci-fi, vaginal sex, anal sex

Extract and run.

Issue 5

The moment has arrived, albeit a bit fashionably late – almost two weeks behind schedule. It’s been a while since I sat idly by, watching animation frames render. This time, I took the opportunity to explore some new techniques, both in camera work and animation creation. I’m pretty pleased with many aspects of my work, although some things didn’t meet my expectations. However, I’ve identified my mistakes and devised solutions for the future.
This collection has 294 new images and 38 animations, including several special ones.
Rating: 3.6/5. From 46 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

dunno why so many got triggered…

I like the unique idea behind as well the issue parts-of-the-whole-story-telling

Yes, I am aware that this scenario is extremely mysogynistical – but there are also horror and murder books out there, so calm your tits and enjoy your escapes from reality from time to time

I give it 5 stars and hope for more

Anonymous Fapper

Some of these creators are pretty messed up mentally.


The stories are about the planet i hate woman.


kinetic….the problem with kinetic visual novels is:

people might find you incredibly boring. for example, if the MC is a wimp and gets sooo suprised everytime he gets a kiss. and player cant do anything to change that because its a kinetic VN.
a good VN should consist of choices. choices such as:

-kinks: DO NOT and I mean DO NOT force any kinks upon the player. Lesbian, futa, gay, NTR etc…NEVER FORCE THE PLAYER TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THOSE. have a player to choose which kinks he likes and doesn’t like.

-Love interests: again…NEVER FORCE A LOVE INTEREST UPON THE PLAYER! It makes the player lose interest in playing the game. so don’t ever do that.

another thing is character development. make a character who knows what he wants. not a cuck, simp, weakling of a man. if you are to make a male protagonist, make him proud. as of course he is a man.
if you are to make a female protagonist, make her decent. don’t make a whore out of her, and give her good qualities.

Anonymous Fapper

The leftwinger crybaby, “Antifa” faggots , SJW snowflakes will be triggered by your comment, they don’t believe in giving you freedom of choice except for wimen to kill babies. Otherwise they are absolute tyrants who want the government to force YOU to accept their gay, sodomite, pedophile, degenerate LGBTQ agenda.

Anonymous Fapper

Wooo! Triggered much? Hahahahaha!

Anonymous Fapper

Utterly story garbage, with actual rape, which this crap is.
Anyone who actually likes this needs serious help or never ever leave their parents basement.