Taste Of Life

You return from 5 years of university abroad, back to your old hometown. While it feels nice to finally have your degree and reconnect with your loved ones, you always coasted by life doing what others told you, following goals others set for you. After your experience abroad, you feel like something is missing from your life. On your journey to find your own goals, explore the world, meet different people, discover different cultures, unravel the mysteries of the world and of end up in many spicy situations along the way!​

Developer: Daruko – PatreonItch.io | SubscribestarTwitterInstagram | DeviantArt
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animation, big tits, big butt, blowjob, sex, visual novel, story driven, male protagonist, masturbation, teasing

Just extract and run the executable.


– 810+ old renders remade

– 140+ old animations remade

– 130+ new renders

– 20+ new animations

– 600+ new lines of dialogue

– Edited some older lines of dialogue

– Corrected some typos and grammatical mistakes

Rating: 3.6/5. From 84 votes.
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So far so good. Game has an interesting story with beautiful art. Sex scenes are decent though I’m hoping they will eventually include more kinky stuff.

MC is well created and masculine. Hopefully there is a harem ending.

Unfortunately the game is still far from complete and I can only hope it’s not one of those projects that takes 50 years to finish.

All in all, game has huge potential, looking forward to seeing the completed version. Giving it a 7/10 for now.

Anonymous Fapper

You can fuck 2 girls. A lot of positions.
Reworked after 1 year.
Better wait if new update soon.

Its not a bad game, but slow development is terrible to any game.

Anonymous Fapper

I’ve just started this, so I can’t comment fully. Only to say the graphics are good, color tones and features are soft but vibrant, honey select style (I think), attractive models, basic story and dialogue is enjoyable enough. I would like to point out the beginning of the story really captured my interest – as I’m reading through the MC’s narrative of his life, there comes the scene when he says he’s visiting his family and he lays flowers on two graves – his mom and sister – a very touching and emotional scene that draws me into the character. My only dislike so far is that MC has white hair – bad look for him.

Joey Dante

Okay dev look the animation is okay but 1.8 Gb for 2 sex scene is little bit to much
Think about it


guessing this is another lifeless doll still image game?