The Best Days of Our Lives

It’s only the first day of college and it already feels like there is so much happening around Ben. Follow his story, as he meets new friends, falls in love, and gets into a lot of trouble, during the next three years of his life.​

Developer: Underground Studio – Patreon | Instagram | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, big tits, dating sim, humor, male protagonist, romance, school setting, vaginal sex, animated, stripping, teasing

1. Extract and play.

Rating: 4.1/5. From 102 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

overally this is a good game. it’s obviously just starting and in early stages but it’s one of the good games so far. the story is simple and light but sweet and pleasant. character are likeable and they look really good. girls are pretty and animation is good. it would be nice to have more choices and the MC could be a bit brighter 😀 but in general i enjoyed the game so far. i’d recommend it.

Anonymous Fapper

full agree

Not Dev

Out of the 6 girls, which is your favorite based on first impressions?


Your mom

Anonymous Fapper

you devs never learn, right? Stop naming the main character! Ben is an ELDERLY name!

Anonymous Fapper

hello ben tennyson


Either I’m not getting it or this statement is the stupidest I’ve ever read. Ben is what?? 2 of my friends were named Ben only 25 years ago. Unless they were born old and becoming youger every day…


F*ck this comment, you can change the name of the MC. So the dev can put ASD as basic who care ?

Uncle Ben

Don’t make come down there, you punk!

Anonymous Fapper

I wonder if this is the birth of Elderly Names Guy to go with Needs Sex Sounds Guy and Just Needs Optional Pregnancy To Be Perfect Guy.

Anonymous Fapper

Ben, Bob, Dave, Ed, Mike and John seem like old names to the Aarons, Kyles, Jordan’s or other new age fag names polluting the planet.

Anonymous Fapper

Good game, just wish this update was longer!


do u konw when the next version is gonna come out?

Anonymous Fapper

Yes. He is the developer ain’t he? you dumbfuck

Anonymous Fapper

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