The Intoxicating Flavor

The game tells a story about the young man who gets stuck on the deserted island with no communication with the outside world and doomed to aimlessly wait for an opportunity to get out. Everything changes when new visitors come to the island. After a few amusing and kind of juicy situations night falls together with some really weird dreams.

At this moment we realize that the island isn’t so simple as it seemed at first, and the funny story about relationship between the main character with newly arrived guests leads to a very serious story about each person having his own fears and secrets, and their choice might not always result in obvious consequences.​

Developer: PixelsLab – PatreonDiscordDeviantArt | Twitter |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Mind control, Vaginal sex, Big tits, Graphic violence, Drugs, MILF

1. Extract .rar to desired location
2. Open TheIntoxicatingFlavor.exe to play


  • 269 images
  • 6500 words
  • 4 animations
Rating: 4.0/5. From 776 votes.
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Game is honestly ok and main plot is ok, but the way the game is executed is done poorly with constant flashbacks and being in constant dreams or alternate reality’s happening so much times in this game you struggle to follow and understand the story

Anonymous Fapper

Story starts out a little strange, in that a lot of things don’t make sense right away. But once you get past that, this is honestly one of the most creative, original and well-written stories out there. Character- and interpersonal development is on par with all the top games. Dialogue is very good. Renders are largely original and high quality, there’s animation in certain scenes. The in-game choices don’t seem terribly impactful so this is more of a visual novel atm. It’s also very long – there’s SO MUCH content in this right now.

Definitely an A+ game for everyone who loves a good story – 5/5 will definitely play again. Sex scenes are somewhat far between so for the pure fappers this may not be the game – but when you get there tho, they’re good!

Hunter Biden

Damn I remember playing this game a few updates ago on my old laptop.


yall must not be reading the story. i makes complete since if you do. if you skip any, it may not thou. it has the best story in any I have ever read. I look forward to these updates because of it. if you read through the chapter you are on, it should make complete since but you really shouldn’t skip any also make sure you start from the beginning or it really wont make since.

Anonymous Fapper

WTF is going on with the story. I cant make heads or tails of the I think theyre dreams? One scene the MC and Alice are best buds with Alice laying her head in his lap the next Alice is trying to kill the MC like she dosent know him because she thinks hes a murder and in that same scene the MC mentions they were having fun on the beach so they actually know each other??? The story is hella confusing because nothing they say in the dreams follows the story flow like two different devs are working on it and not talking to each other then just jamming two puzzle pieces together that dont fit.

Anonymous Fapper

They can’t remember the dream world unless they’re in it.

Anonymous Fapper

Even if they cant remember the dreams they remember the stuff that happens outside them. So why would Alice have deep conversations with the MC while painting him, fall in love with him to the point she wants to be his mistress while he marries her sister only to hide from him then try and kill him by stabbing him with 20 swords moments later in a dream? The MC even put a knife to her throat and threaten to kill her. The dreams confusing as hell.

Anonymous Fapper

I agree. The story is really jarring and doesn’t have any flow to it. It takes 1 step forward and 20 steps backwards. These dreams are really starting to get frustrating.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s a story you have to pay attention to, if you sit there dick-in-hand just lazily glossing over parts of the dialogue it’s definitely gonna seem a little odd. But if you actually absorb all of the stuff that happens it’ll make perfect sense.


im sorry but no, these constant flashback and dreams get way to annoying


if you need more than half the game to show flashbacks and dreams to help make sense of a story then its a bad game, especially if this is just a fap game