The Manifest: Shadows Over Manston Retold

The idea behind my novel/game is that after the incident in the introduction, you return home to your wife and step-daughter, and are reassigned to a cushty job whilst recovering. This job will be working as a School Resource Officer, but as you are recovering and not allowed on active duty, you take on the role of step-in Gym Teacher for a group of 18+ girls who all failed to graduate the prior year. You’ll have the options of focusing on your career, family or sex life. Different scenarios and scenes will be available depending on your choices.​

Developer/Publishe: White Phantom Games – PatreonDISCORD
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, 3DCG, Milf, oral sex, violence

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Shadows Over Manston.exe” to start playing.

Adds a new day containing 388 new renders to the game
Fixes a bug preventing the Penelope path being available

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

sorry after a joke of update like that not a fan anymore


If you want to play a good game with proper updates play mine, it’s the best on this site.
Search for ‘Erodio’ and don’t forget to rate 5/5

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Very Good game! Lots of choices!????

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

The MC in this story is such a disgusting character I can’t find myself routing for him. No real redeeming qualities at all.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

what is going on with this game? Abandon game for a year, come back and re-release it but make it worse. I remember when I first played this that this game has some huge potential. Now we get a worse retread with nothing new. So disappointed. This game could have been great

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

never finished the game in the first place now its a “remake”? interesting lol. sounds like a good way to milk $$$