The Part-Timer

The Part-Timer is an adult visual novel game, with gameplay that is focused on being a dating sim, providing a fun central story, and The Part-Timer takes inspiration from games like Princess Maker, having a simulation of growing your relationship with your new Part-Time employee, Emily, by increasing different traits.​

Developer: BadSquirrelThings – WebsitePatreon |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: simulator, dating sim

1- Extract to desired location.
2- The Part-Timer.exe to start playing.


  • Added a stereo to Captain’s apartment.
  • Added music to Captain’s apartment and adjusted the Office to use more music tracks.
  • Adjusted some of the music framework to be more expandable in the future.
  • Changing areas inside the gas station will no longer change the music.
  • Stereo is now used to access Captain’s music.
  • Fixed music volume not returning to normal in several circumstances.
  • Removed speaker from the gas station office.



  • Added minor details to the dumpster area of the gas station.
  • Added minor details to Captain’s apartment.
  • Added randomly appearing trash around the gas station dumpster.
  • Added a new image of Alex to performance menu.
  • Adjusted apartment area to use a more streamlined way of displaying the scene.



  • Added a notification for unlocking the warehouse
  • Adjusted the warehouse to be unlocked from reading the first email Captain receives.
  • Fixed achievement menu staying highlighted.
  • Fixed a warehouse event unlocking the salon menu when the reward was unrelated.
  • Fixed manage menu button not closing the menu properly.



  • Adjusted Emily’s stamina to increase overnight.
  • Adjusted Emily to gain health from her stamina after defeating an opponent.
  • Adjusted Emily’s starting health to be lower.
  • Adjusted the rate at which Emily gains health and stamina when leveling up.
  • Removed Emily losing stamina from sexy situations in the warehouse.
  • Rewrote how warehouse enemy’s stats are generated, which should help in balancing their strength.
  • Fixed performance menu adjusting Emily’s stamina.



  • Added a new popup to show when an achievement is unlocked.
  • Added new animation of Emily moving when leaving the warehouse.
  • Adjusted the position of the reward/high score display when leaving the warehouse.
  • Adjusted the chances of some enemies to be less common.
  • Adjusted Enemy health to be rounded now.
  • Adjusted enemies to no longer survive at anything less than 1 HP. So they won’t laugh at Emily while sitting at 0.01 HP anymore.
  • Fixed enemy count in the warehouse being reset by Emily leveling up.
  • Fixed being able to give Emily infinite maid outfits.



  • Added the Achievements menu under Status.
  • Added an Achievement for defeating 20 enemies.
  • Added an Achievement for unlocking all of Emily’s outfits in the salon.
  • Unlocking the Emily Outfit achievement will add extra money to the start of the game.
  • Fixed dumpster area sometimes not loading correctly.



  • Adjusted Atomic Blaster to give Captain’s focus a boost.
  • Increased the amount of experienced earned when studying focus.
  • Increased the influence focus has on studying other skills.
  • Fixed music not changing when using the travel menu.
  • Fixed issue where skills chosen in stat selection didn’t have the proper experience totals.
  • Fixed issue in stat selection where skills weren’t properly updated.
  • Reduced game size.



  • Added the gas station dumpster to the travel menu.
  • Added a skill boost to Captain’s focus when he takes a nap in the office.
  • Added a skill boost for Captain’s charm after he spends time hanging out with Bailey.
  • Focus boost will make it easier for Captain to earn bonus money when working.
  • Charm boost will earn Captain more money working the front register.
  • Adjusted focus and charm skill boosts to no longer disappear at the end of the day.
  • Adjusted dumpster to display the scene differently. This will help simplify scenes added to the game later.



  • Added a skill bonus display for when Captain’s skills are being boosted.
  • Added a cheat to boost all of Captain’s skills.
  • Adjusted Purple Burst to boost Captain’s endurance.
  • Adjusted Eat-It chips and candy boxes to boost Captain’s luck stat.
  • Adjusted locker key to give a boost to Captain’s Locks skill.
  • Adjusted Bacon-mens to boost Captain’s charm.
  • Adjusted Items menu to be greyed out in the warehouse when Captain doesn’t have anything.
  • Boosted skills will return to normal when transitioning to a new day.



  • Added a text header to Items and Shop menu.
  • Added an outline to Items menu display.
  • Added text to highlight Shop sales.
  • Added more randomness to warehouse usernames.
  • Adjusted outline in Shop menu to be smaller and sharper.
  • Adjusted menu backgrounds to fill the screen.
  • Adjusted Emily’s warehouse comments to be more random.



  • Added new stat appearance to Emily’s performance screen.
  • Adjusted spacing of Emily’s skills.
  • Adjusted spacing of Captain’s skills in Stat Selection.
  • Adjusted Stat Selection’s “Finished” button to be larger and look sharper. I also moved it to the right side of the menu.
  • Adjusted Captain’s name in stat selection to match his status menu.
  • Adjusted info box in stat selection to display the name of the skill being looked at.
  • Adjusted the point information to have an outline and made a slight adjustment the text position.
  • Adjusted stat selection info box to adjust to the text displayed.
  • Adjusted stat selection info box to have a different color.
  • Fixed stat selection points to accurately follow the new 5 point maximum.
  • Fixed changing Captain’s name on the Stat Selection screen to no longer break sequence.
  • Removed sex stat from stat selection.



  • Added new posters to the office.
  • Added a header line to the Status Menu.
  • Added a header to the Calendar menu.
  • Added shortcut key “Shift + C” to quickly access the calendar.
  • Adjusted the placement of text on the Calendar menu.
  • Adjusted the skill spacing in the Status Menu.
  • Adjusted the Lock skill bar to be shown after interacting with the lockers.
  • Fixed not being able to use the Status Menu shortcut key inside the calendar.
  • Fixed the time transition during work. It shouldn’t skip through anymore.
  • Fixed the daytime work transitions to use the newer odds of encountering work events.
  • Fixed the performance menu not closing properly when clicking travel.
  • Fixed storms not showing properly during time transitions.



  • Adjusted “Traits” menu to be named “Status”.
  • Added three menu buttons to the Status menu: Stats, Perks, and Skills.
  • Adjusted skill display to be easier to read and to look better.
  • Adjusted how Captain’s name is displayed in the Status menu.
  • Adjusted the placement of Captain’s stats to fit in the menu better.
  • Adjusted the placement of Skills to fit in the menu better.
  • Adjusted skill bars to no longer auto disappear.
  • Centered the date on the HUD to fit inside the box better.
  • Removed the Season name from the HUD, instead the days of the week fill that space now.
  • Fixed Studying not showing a progress bar for Captain’s skills.
  • Lowered the amount of experience Captain gains for Endurance when working while tired.
  • Removed Captain’s sex stat, hope he doesn’t feel that in the morning.



  • Added a cheat to toggle storms.
  • Added a drop shadow to skill bars to make it easier to read.
  • Adjusted the frequency of work events to be less common than before.
  • Adjusted Bailey interrupting work to be slightly less common.
  • Adjusted work events to give less money for rewards.
  • Adjusted stat selection to give less points and starting money was reduced.
  • Adjusted Captain’s management skill to increase earnings from the store performance.
  • Adjusted Captain’s leveling bars on the HUD to display during work, instead of after.
  • Adjusted Captain’s level display to adjust to the work schedule.
  • Adjusted the text placement on Captain’s skill bars to match those displayed during work.
  • Fixed the screen flicker when time changes in the apartment.
  • Fixed enemy overlapping the hp bar in the warehouse.



  • Added a new cheat to change the day of the month.
  • Increased the amount of experience needed for Paperwork and Charm to level up.
  • Adjusted the amount of money Captain gains from working in the office and at the front counter.
  • Adjusted experience gain for Captain’s Paperwork skill to be far less random.
  • Adjusted the calendar to respond better to the date being changed.
  • Adjusted store sales to only happen twice a month.
  • Reduced the amount of money gained from the store’s performance.
  • Fixed Bailey asking to hangout at the front counter.
  • Removed the Sleep option and the Get To Work option from the Apartment’s Bed.



  • Added Storm Weather type.
  • Added Storm sky backgrounds for day and night.
  • Adjusted the volume of ambient sounds to become quiet alongside the music when entering a menu.
  • Adjusted volumes to fade when opening and closing a menu.
  • Adjusted music to be softer on rainy or snowy days.
  • Adjusted music to stop playing during storms.
  • Improved snow weather performance.
  • Improved rain weather performance.
  • Reduced Game size.
  • Fixed cat displaying on top of menus.



  • Added new Emily comments for receiving accessory gifts.
  • Added new Emily comments for receiving hair dye gifts.
  • Added new snow weather.
  • Added new rain weather.
  • Added the ability to change the enemy type from the battle debug.
  • Adjusted snow to fade out on the screen.
  • Adjusted Emily’s warehouse placement to be higher, so she fits in the screen better.
  • Adjusted Emily to be excited from her clothes being torn in the warehouse.
  • Adjusted Emily’s collar to give her a boost in building up the lovestruck.
  • Adjusted Emily to make lewd comments when she is lovestruck.
  • Adjusted the frequency of Emily’s comments to be more random.
  • Adjusted text where Emily receives a gift. She will no longer be mad about wearing something unless Captain is giving her an outfit.
  • Removed Self-Voicing keybind and removed the info under the help menu.



  • Added random usernames to the high scores in the warehouse.
  • Added text to indicate if one of the girls gains a level while training.
  • Added a Character Gallery display. This makes it possible to see all the appearance options available to characters in the game.
  • Added expressions to Alex and Cara for the character gallery.
  • Added a button in the cheat menu to show the gallery.
  • Adjusted Store Icon on HUD to be a quick way of buying stock for the store.
  • Adjusted Store display information on HUD to fit the new appearance.
  • Adjusted Store display info to automatically adjust position and size with the rest of the HUD.



  • Added new mouths to fit Captain’s old expressions.
  • Added training stats to the new characters.
  • Added performance menu pages for the new characters.
  • Adjusted Captain’s scale to be smaller.
  • Adjusted Captain’s positioning when talking.
  • Adjusted Emily to no longer gain experience for working when she hasn’t been unlocked.
  • Adjusted portrait switch button in performance menu to cycle through all the girls.
  • Fixed text appearing on the girl’s performance menu from skills that were previously removed.



  • Added new Captain sprite to office desk, with two other variations.
  • Added new appearance for Captain.
  • Added new image of Alex to the performance menu.
  • Added new image of CEO to the performance menu.
  • Adjusted Performance menu to only show portraits of the girls when unlocked.
  • Adjusted the portrait switch button on Bailey’s page to be hidden until Emily is unlocked.
  • Adjusted Emily’s schedule option to not be shown until she is unlocked.
  • Adjusted Gallery to only be shown after first having a scene with one of the girls.
  • Adjusted the Performance menu button to return to portraits when clicked while viewing Emily or Bailey’s stats.
  • Fixed inventory selection buttons being the wrong color when changing the store background.



  • Added new sounds to the main menu and options menu.
  • Added new choice menu sounds.
  • Added some random elements to ambient sounds to increase the variety of what plays.
  • Added more layers to the ambient sounds. So now you might hear cars outside the gas station even during the rain.
  • Added better trees to gas station exterior.
  • Adjusted choice menu sounds to be random.
  • Adjusted several ambient sounds to be more seamless.



  • Added major changes to Bailey’s image:
    • New Hair.
    • New Body.
    • Outfits redone.
  • Added more facial expression variety to Bailey.
  • Added some effects to Bailey. She can now blush, be horrified, and have tears.
  • Added new sounds to the HUD buttons.
  • Adjusted several sound effects to be more responsive when hovering over a button.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s position to fit her new dimensions.
  • Adjusted ambient sound through the game to be more present.
  • Adjusted the volume of music and sounds throughout the game.
  • Adjusted Items and Shop menu to reset only after closing the menu entirely. This should make
    it easier to flip between them for comparing.
  • Fixed shop confirmation window always returning to the Items menu.
  • Fixed apartment living room not playing the correct ambient sounds.
  • Fixed ambient store sounds not playing.
  • Fixed gas station store playing an unnecessary transition after clicking an object.



  • Added improved buttons to the inventory menu screen.
  • Added new buttons to the shop, showing if an item is on sale.
  • Added daily item sales in the shop. Three items will be on sale every day or there will be a steeper sale on a specific item.
  • Adjusted shop splash screen to be significantly faster and will appear less frequently.
  • Adjusted gift display to be an appropriate size when completing a work event.
  • Adjusted HUD spacing to fit the addition of the new shop button.
  • Adjusted Emily’s gift menu to only show categories of things Captain has in his inventory.
  • Fixed Emily’s stat page showing text for stats that are no longer used.
  • Fixed Travel menu shortcut not activating the correct menu.
  • Fixed hair dye not displaying the correct price in the store.
  • Fixed shop menu button being stuck with red background.
  • Fixed being able to give Emily accessories or hair dyes that weren’t in inventory.



  • Added major changes to Emily’s appearance:
    • New Hair.
    • New Body.
    • Outfits redone.
    • Accessories redone.
    • Alternate pose redone.
  • Adjusted Cheat menu’s outfit option to unlock the salon, accessories, and hair colors.
  • Adjusted Emily’s display in several places to fit the new images.
  • Fixed buttons hiding behind HUD in the Manage Menu.
  • Fixed HUD being clickable when giving Emily a gift.



  • Added new event to the warehouse.
  • Added Hair Dyes to the shop.
  • Added Hair Dyes to Emily’s gifting menu.
  • Added accessories to the outfit section of the shop.
  • Added accessories to Emily’s gifting menu.
  • Adjusted hair colors and accessories to be unlocked.
  • Adjusted Salon menu to show after unlocking something for Emily.
  • Fixed store front objects not being the broken versions in the introduction.
  • Fixed the transition between areas to be more consistent
  • Fixed Emily not accepting the spring dress.



  • Added new eyes for Bailey.
  • Added new eyes for Emily.
  • Added a new return button to menus. The button’s placement is more consistent and no longer hidden underneath the HUD.
  • Added a color indication to show when menu button will close current window.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s hair to be shorter.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s line work to be fainter. Should help blend her into background more.
  • Adjusted the placement of Bailey’s nose, eyebrows, and mouth.
  • Adjusted the position of Emily’s eyes.
  • Fixed new Travel menu not properly transitioning between menus.
  • Fixed Store menu not closing out previous menu when right-clicking Items.
  • Fixed Salon menu not clearing the screen properly when exiting menu.



  • Added posters to the store front windows.
  • Added new buttons to Salon menu.
  • Added new buttons to the Shop menu and adjusted them to work with the dark background color.
  • Added new eyeglasses accessory for Emily to wear.
  • Added a drop shadow to the season text in the HUD.
  • Adjusted the Travel menu to be a more traditional menu. Also will work when other menus are open now.
  • Adjusted HUD border to be brighter.
  • Adjusted HUD menu buttons to be smaller and text is sharper.
  • Adjusted spacing on the HUD.
  • Adjusted Salon buttons to change color, size, and position. These changes should make it easier to see which button is active.
  • Adjusted random enemy lewd comments to increase Emily’s seduction.
  • Adjusted Captain’s size and made minor adjustments to his shirt.
  • Removed the button to restart Shop intro.
  • Fixed Help menu not closing smoothly.
  • With Massive internal changes to the HUD, there will be some quirks I haven’t found yet!



  • Added new details to the magazine shelf in the store when restocked. Also minor adjustments to color of shelf.
  • Added broken versions of objects in the store and adjusted the introduction to use them.
  • Added two new enemies to the warehouse. His Hoboness and the crazed youth can now be encountered!
  • Added new background image to the shop. It now fills the entire screen to help make a clear difference between the shop and inventory.
  • Added a button to switch between a light and dark version of the new store background.
  • Added a new background that shows the back of the gas station and changed Bailey’s random event to show the new location.
  • Adjusted restocked version of the store shelf to be brighter.



  • Added several variations to the sound effect that plays when hovering over a menu button.
  • Added minor background detail outside of the warehouse.
  • Added new email screen for Captain’s emails. Made small adjustments to text placement to fit new appearance.
  • Added enemy comments to battle. Randomly between turns they might make a lewd comment towards Emily.
  • Added new comments for Emily to make in the warehouse.
  • Added new character to the warehouse. Added several different expressions that he can use in scenes or fights.
  • Adjusted Enemy health display by moving the name to be over the health bar. This should solve issues with name not fitting properly.
  • Adjusted Enemy name to be placed over dialogue window when making lewd comments.
  • Adjusted how outfits are given to Emily. The option to go through the inventory has been removed. Outfits can now be given to Emily through the gift option when summoning her at the desk.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy stats could cause a crash.
  • Fixed ctc icon not being placed properly on smaller dialogue windows.



  • Added new sprite for Captain. His entire image has been redrawn.
  • Added improvements to Bailey’s mouth by changing the alignment and redrawing several variations.
  • Added new expressions for Emily. She now has a new blush, different eyebrow positions, and several new mouth variations.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s eyes to look better. Her eyes should look more like a person now, instead of a cave goblin.
  • Adjusted Emily to not be available until the morning after she is unlocked.
  • Adjusted store sales to happen randomly once a week.
  • Adjusted dialogue text to fit better. Emily’s text expands to fit the box better and the ctc now sits properly in the corner.
  • Adjusted namebox to sit higher on the dialogue window.
  • Adjusted dialogue in several scenes to accommodate new text size.
  • Fixed issue where Bailey’s interrupt scene would not advance to the next day when declining to hangout.
  • Fixed Emily’s introduction scene not working as intended. Her outfit will now change properly.



  • Added the option to give Emily a gift once per shift.
  • Added in the option to spend time chatting with Bailey.
  • Added the ability for the shop to go on sale. Most of the items during a sale will be randomly discounted once a month.
  • Added text to the training calendar to indicate a shop sale.
  • Adjusted chatting with Emily to progress time. Emily’s old dialogue is temporarily unavailable.
  • Added some minor comments when giving Emily a different outfit and between turns in the warehouse.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s appearance: Redrawn hair, changed mouth placement, and adjusted her jaw shape.
  • Adjusted Emily’s block to reduce damage from critical hits now.
  • Adjusted dialogue text size to be larger.
  • Adjusted several dialogue lines to fit the new text size. Still have more to adjust for next update.
  • Removed Several sex stats from the girl’s performance menu.
  • Fixed menu highlight not being on the correct text when opened from the main menu.



  • Added defend option for Emily in warehouse battles. Will heal Emily a bit and block most of the damage, but the more defend is used the less powerful it will be.
  • Added an occasional comment from Emily between turns.
  • Added a shortcut to quickly close an open menu by right clicking.
  • Added a new event where Bailey will ask if Captain wants to hang out.
  • Adjusted defend to restore stamina for Emily.
  • Adjusted Emily’s attack chain to drain her stamina after a few hits.
  • Adjusted warehouse exit to show Bailey’s training.
  • Adjusted items used by Emily to always go first in fights.
  • Adjusted Enemy stats to be more consistent. And Enemies will be closer to Emily’s level when first starting out. After Emily is level three, enemy levels can be higher or lower than hers.
  • Adjusted Enemy defense and attack to be slightly lower.
  • Adjusted warehouse battles to be easier at the start.
  • Adjusted some minor background details for the outside view of the gas station and the office.
  • Fixed Emily being able to train while fighting inside the warehouse.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing the options menu with certain menus open already would cause strange things to happen.
  • Fixed option menu highlight to be on the correct menu now.



  • Added new battle event system in warehouse fights. After defeating an enemy there is a random chance of an event happening.
  • Added a battle event that will completely remove Emily’s clothes. Also, an event was added that will give random items and money to the player.
  • Added color to sword icon to show the strength of Emily’s attack chain.
  • Added text in trait menu to alert player if they don’t have enough points to spend on traits.
  • Added item rewards for beating high scores in the warehouse. Only rewards additional items for now.
  • Adjusted how perversion is measured in the game. It is now split between private and public stats.
  • Adjusted game to autosave in several more locations.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s eyes to be less intense.
  • Adjusted Enemy HP bar to change size to accommodate names better.
  • Adjusted Emily’s arm in her second pose to fit better. Adjusted her clothing to match changes and made some changes to the wet version of her default outfit.
  • Adjusted random battle high scores to be larger and more diverse between ranks.
  • Fixed Emily’s eyes having a layering issue with particular expressions.
  • Fixed Emily not appearing to receive her maid outfit during gift scene.
  • Fixed Emily’s outfit not layering properly when torn from battles.
  • Fixed reward screen not showing an accurate score.



  • Added new Bailey images. She been completely redrawn.
  • Added a new display to show where the girls are currently working when Captain advances the time of day.
  • Added a display to Training Calendar to show the total number of tasks to be performed that season.
  • Adjusted calendar in “Training” menu. The weekdays are now static on the calendar. The calendar will now adjust the days positioning to be more consistent with a normal calendar.
  • Adjusted every season to be 30 days except for Winter. For the new calendar, Winter will be 29 days now to play nicely with the new adjustments.
  • Adjusted Emily’s appearance by making several minor changes to her face.
  • Adjusted Calendar boxes to have a small letter in addition to colors, indicating the task for that day. (S – Service, C – Coolers, CL – Clean, R – Rest.)
  • Adjusted calendar task selection to better highlight what is currently selected.
  • Adjusted calendar’s default training for Bailey and Emily to be a general mix of activities instead of being empty.
  • Adjusted Training Calendar’s button alignments to be easier to read.
  • Adjusted skill menu in battles to be greyed out until a skill has been unlocked.
  • Adjusted training to accurately reflect the new calendar changes. Bailey and Emily should follow their schedules better.
  • Removed button to switch to older training display.



  • Adjusted battle text box to use a different color when defeating an enemy.
  • Added a scoreboard to warehouse battles at the end of Emily’s session. It will display how Emily’s score compared to different milestone scores generated at the beginning of the game.
  • Added new cloudy sky backgrounds.
  • Added new Apartment Exterior background.
  • Added new city backgrounds to gas station scenes.
  • Adjusted weather by removing snow from spring and reduced the chance of snow in Autumn. The chance of snow was also slightly reduced during winter.
  • Adjusted gas station exterior color to be more colorful.
  • Adjusted the start date of the game to be at the beginning of the season.
  • Adjusted training schedule to no longer display Emily as an option until she is actually unlocked first. Warehouse battles can now be accessed after unlocking Emily and reading Captain’s first e-mail.
  • Adjusted Bailey to be shown better when choosing interactions with her.
  • Adjusted menu’s to close when clicking their button, if it is already open.
  • Fixed some scenes having layering issues when captain is working.
  • Fixed a crash when changing Captain’s name.
  • Fixed an issue with autosaves by creating a workaround. Autosave has a tendency to fill with empty files, so I made a custom autosave that won’t be overwritten by an empty file. This new save is found on the last block of autosaves labeled “Main Autosave.”
  • Removed unused and old files to reduce game size.
  • Removed Emily’s work option when calling her from Captain’s desk, temporarily for now.



  • Added new Warehouse Exterior background image.
  • Added new heart icon with animation to Emily’s battle status.
  • Added new battle animation for when Emily is lovestruck.
  • Added ability for enemies to make lewd comments towards Emily.
  • Added new status for Emily. She can now become lovestruck with enemies when she is fighting. The higher Emily’s perversion the greater chance of her becoming lovestruck.
  • Added new battle status for Emily. After being lovestruck, Emily becomes embarrassed with herself. This makes her quite angry and increases her attack dramatically for several turns.
  • Added new apartment interior background. Blinds and bed were also updated to match new appearance.
  • Added new Headquarters exterior background.
  • Added new enemy to warehouse battles, tends to be stronger than current enemies.
  • Added new event outside gas station. A stray cat might show up and clicking on it will temporarily increase Captain’s luck for a few days.



  • Added new interaction with Emily. If Emily is too tired to fight, she will refuse to enter the warehouse now. There is a chance for Captain to convince her to go inside.
  • Added new ‘Skills’ menu to warehouse battles (replaced ‘Flirt’).
  • Added Five new skills for Emily. Two skills focus on sexy actions for Emily to use in battle, and three skills were added to deal out some extra damage on enemies.
  • Added new text to flirt and other skills that have been added.
  • Added Battle Debug mode to cheat menu.
  • Added new email to Captain’s computer. Appears after Emily has leveled up a few times.
  • Added email icon to Captain’s computer to show if there are any new messages.
  • Added two new icons to warehouse fights. A sword will appear when Emily is being buffed by an attack streak. A shield indicates that Emily’s skill has buffed her defense.
  • Adjusted skills to be gained by leveling Emily’s different stats: Cleaning, Charm, Inventory, Public, and Private all unlock different skills.
  • Adjusted warehouse fighting balance with changes to Emily’s defense and how enemy attacks are handled.
  • Adjusted emails to not appear until an appropriate time in the game.
  • Adjusted how stamina works in warehouse battles. At the end of every fight Emily’s stamina will now reset. Her overall stamina will decrease the more she fights.
  • Fixed Emily’s stamina not draining properly.
  • Fixed Emily’s turn being skipped after the enemy uses a skill in warehouse battles.



  • Added background image to the game’s menu screen.
  • Added highlight to show which menu screen is currently selected.
  • Added a framework for Emily’s personality. Depending on her confidence and loyalty her personality will change. *This doesn’t change much yet, but this new feature will be explored in future updates.*
  • Added an interaction with Emily when Captain calls her to the office, this will change depending on Emily’s personality.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the menu selection box inside the menu screen to fit the text better and look significantly more stylish.
  • Adjusted how text boxes are displayed in warehouse fights. The box around the text now fits better and shouldn’t spill out anymore.
  • Adjusted battle menu display to be more flexible for future additions.
  • Adjusted End of the Week pop-up to be easier to read and fit in with other elements that have been improved.
  • Adjusted Emily to clean up if time has passed and she isn’t busy fighting bums.
  • Adjusted how Emily’s clothes get torn in battle. Her clothes are no longer tied to her health and have their own durability. Every hit to Emily causes minor damage, running or being defeated causes damage, and being hit with a critical attack can hurt her clothes now.
  • Adjusted the front counter to display better when characters are on the screen.
  • Adjusted the Patreon credits in the ‘About’ page to be listed by amount donated to the game. Also updated the formatting to be easier to read everyone’s usernames! If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to be listed with a credit, just let me know!
  • Fixed the cash battle reward not working properly when Emily has a lower level.



  • Added new Background for Gas Station Store Front.
    • Updated floor color and line work.
    • Updated cooler appearance to be more 3D and added improved detail inside cooler. Also added a small animation of light flicker to the new version.
    • Updated office door to be larger than before.
    • Updated the front counter to look sexier.
    • Updated center shelf’s perspective and improved the look of the objects sitting on it.
    • Updated the window shelf’s appearance and made it more colorful.
    • Updated the store front door to match the outside of the gas station. Since it’s been weird for a couple of months now.
    • Updated the background’s background. More city included, snow version, and more consistent with exterior background.
    • Updated ceiling color, line work, and lights.
    • Updated wall color and line work.
  • Fixed Emily appearing twice during dream scene.
  • Fixed several minor issues with Emily’s appearance.



  • Added improved hair for Emily.
  • Added new line work to Emily.
  • Added new collar for Emily, replaced the older janky one.
  • Added a summary screen that appears when leaving the warehouse battles.
  • Added a score system into battles.
  • Added random rewards for battle performance.
  • Added animation to rewards on the battle summary screen.
  • Adjusted Emily’s stamina to drain if she is either nude or covered in Bum cream.
  • Emily will also lose stamina when leaving the warehouse.
  • Adjusted Emily to recover stamina whenever she is assigned rest in the ‘Train’ menu.
  • Adjusted some of the reward text boxes to better fit the text.
  • Adjusted Emily’s eye spacing to be less strange.
  • Adjusted Emily’s default clothes to fit her new improvements.
  • Adjusted Bailey’s Naughty outfit by adding some additional details.
  • Adjusted transition from leaving the warehouse to be smoother.



  • Added a temporary boost to defense when Emily uses flirt.
  • Added an attack streak for Emily. Every time attack is used, she will hit harder. The boost is capped to her attack stat.
  • Added luck influence into battles. Increases chance of finding rarer enemies, and it increases the chance that the enemies will be weaker.
  • Added a new enemy in warehouse battles, The Warehouse Elf. Currently the rarest enemy, the elf will drop an item, give a ton of xp and money.
  • Added some minor background details to gas station exterior.
  • Added new sky backgrounds
  • Added a new option in Salon for Emily to Freshen Up.
  • Added a new pose for Emily, and adjusted outfits to fit.
  • Added speed into battles. Enemy will sometimes go first if they are faster than Emily.
  • Adjusted the size of the button in the choice menus.
  • Fixed locker getting stuck in a loop, and fixed an issue that allowed locker to be used infinitely
  • Major change internally with how characters are displayed. Let me know about any duplicates or missing character images for Emily, Bailey, and Captain. Thank you!



  • Added new enemy to warehouse, he’s a bit harder to find.
  • Added new enemy attack to battles.
  • Added new detail to warehouse background.
  • Added torn variations to the rest of Emily’s outfits.
  • Added improved gas station exterior background, including rain and snow versions.
  • Added new exterior gas station door to replace older version.
  • Added improved office background.
  • Added improved appearances of objects to office. Door, Locker, Desk, Speaker, Window, and Captain’s chair.
  • Adjusted Emily’s flirt to scale with her health.
  • Adjusted Emily’s base attack and defense to be slightly higher.
  • Adjusted the amount of experience given to be based off opponent difficulty.
  • Adjusted frequency of named enemies in warehouse.
  • Adjusted battles to no longer allow rollback.
  • Adjusted Main Menu Background with some minor changes.
  • Fixed background screen not disappearing, when clicking ‘No’ on the prompt for using a locker key.
  • Removed office locker lockdown event.



  • Added a new enemy to the warehouse. He’s a bit tougher than the bum.
  • Added Items menu to battles. Purple Burst can heal, Eat It! chips heal a bit more, and Atomic Blaster recovers stamina.
  • Added more descriptive text to battle actions.
  • Added a variety of battle stats to enemies. They now have a range of different possible attack, defense, and hp values.
  • Added prize money for when enemies are defeated.
  • Adjusted named enemies to be stronger than normal.
  • Adjusted leaving the warehouse to advance the time of day.
  • Adjusted Emily to use different expressions during battles.
  • Fixed Items menu button not closing the menu when screen is currently active.
  • Fixed menu buttons being active during Emily’s outfit scene.
  • Fixed item quantity in shop not resetting after purchase.
  • Fixed Emily forgetting her pants.
Rating: 2.4/5. From 37 votes.
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